WR 450f vs TS 185

Those drum breaks and neck breaking power, wwwwwwwwooooowwwwwwwww, i want the TS. :):D

There was a time ...........................



My dad had one of those. He traded up from his first bike, a Suzuki 90. At 200 lbs a person did not need the power of a 250 (???)

Honestly, the bikes were just as fun as what we ride now. The speeds were lower. The airtime less (obviously) BUT...No one knew anything different and all the bikes were built like this.

The cost was also very low. You could buy the bikes at 30% discounts easily. A bike was 2 to three weeks pay.

Don't forget the "maintainence free" valves. Of course I think the Kawasaki KD175 would be a better choice. Rotary Disk valves are hard to beat. :)

i was brought up on those bikes, my first one was a honda SL70, then a TS250, and on and on, i agree, i had just as much fun, simply because i didnt know any better.

i had a TS185 a few years ago, that was in mint shape, right down to the tits on the trials tires, like a fool, i sold it. those bikes are getting to be worth some money.

I gotta admit, I sure miss my old KD 175. At that time I didn't care if I went fast or not. I was just happy to be riding.

Shawn :)

ahhh the good old days when a dirt bike pretty much came down to what kind of tyres were on it! my first bike was TS100E what a bike! Matt black rat bikes rule the world. cost me $50 and it ran too(mostly).



my TS250 had a full knobby in the rear, and a circle industries fork brace, man did i have the world by the azz.

I had a TS 185 that i rode wile i was doing the motor in my TT350, rode it in the bush for three months, every weekend, man it was slow, the old banger though, it was the first up those slippery greasy hills, no way that thing could break traction :D

I actually started this post as a dig at all the stupid comparisons we are getting here :):D

this thread has me thinking about buying an old foo-foo bike. These long,cold, Michigan winters do strange things to a guy. :)

Make a new post and get it off your chest :)

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