with mystery running problem. Will run for about ten seconds perfectly normally, then coughs and dies. Will not restart instantly, but if you leave it a minute, it'll do the same again!

It's not fuel, stripped the carb, plenty of flow through the tap, even tried squirting carb cleaner through the intake - no difference.

What are the symptoms of the CDI packing up. Or the coil?

Sorry, it's a 2005 450 and I don't know much about it really, only had it a week or so....

Any help much appreciated.


bad gas?

incorrect jetting/fuel screw setting/idle knob too low?

turn your idle up while its running, see if that keeps it from stalling

if not, try new gas and blow out your pilot and mainjets

I don't think it's fuel, even spraying easy start type stuff straight down the intake makes no difference. And once it cuts, it will not restart for a minute or so. Then it's perfect, tickover steady, will rev fine for ten seconds or so, then cuts.

It seems to be electrical, cdi, coil? What are the symptoms of these components breaking down?

sounds like a restriction in the fuel passage......float level too low.....needle valve sticking......restricted gas line.....etc.

fuel or vacuum issue, to me , but I am coming from a drz and that sounds like it. Make sure the gas tank vent is not restricted, try running it with the tank lid off

Agree with Fullbore, adjust your float level and check the needle. You'll probably find the problem. It is easy and costs you nothing to check. Jason

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