Will Yamaha raise the bar in 2010?

O and a comment for the guy above that power switch on the handle bars, it already exists and is called throttle control, not to be rude or stir up trouble, but I just get so tired of people complaining about too much power, flywheel waits and de-tunning bikes and how 450's are too hard to ride in the woods. I love my 450 and would never take one ounce of power away from it.

i agree... also, if u want a weaker bike, they are called 250Fs... average ( majority of people) riders generally have very close lap times when riding either of the 2....and in most cases unless very gifted or talented will last longer on a 250 anyways. but ya gotta love the fun factor of a fo fiddy!

O ya and as far as the price thing goes, ya once EFI and steering stabilizers and most likely steering assist what are we going to be paying 10k for a bike, it has gotten crazy after all dont you all remember what it cost for a brand new 250 smoker what about 5 years ago this 4 stroke revolution cost riders at every level, bike cost more, aftermarket parts are more and they sure cost a heck of a lot more to fix. But dont get me wrong I love my 4 stroke and would never go back, I just could not imagine being a dad trying to support my kids racing with the skyrocketing price that it takes to be competative these days. Anyway sorry for the rants and the three post in a row and hopefully for all of us we get EFI in 2010 and it is released half way through summer or something as I cant imagine many people buying 09's as there has been little change between 06-09 I don't care what anyone says about an 08 turning better, they are just justifying the purchase of a new bike, very few of us myself included could properly never notice a difference and if we did it would minutely make us faster, kinf of like the difference between the 03 yz450 and the 05 yz450 very very very little difference and I have owned them all.

i would hafta disagree on sum...every person is different and for lack of a better term could be more sensitive as to how a bike handles...many people like u said the same thing about the 06 -> 07 250fs of having so minor of changes to how it handles that only a pro could tell...i am no where near pro and could tell instantly at how much better it handled corners and the confidence it gave me to go harder makin me faster. and im sure that the 450s although having slight modifacation as well probably had the teh same effect

on another note, i agree with whoever posted on this forum, cant member if the 450 or the 250 section, if u can afford to buy a bike every year, 2 or 3and complainin of the gradual rise in prices every year regardlless of newer techonology and improvements made...then apparently u werent hurtin all that much for cash in the first place and should start sending sum to me instead =)

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