08'decel pop and throttle stop

I have had my 08' wr 450 for about 2 months now. Have done AIS removal, airbox shorkel removal, peashooter removal, and disconnected what I think was the correct grey wire. I thought I read that the grey wire would help with the pop when you back off of the throttle, but I still almost get spit over the bars in low gears. Did I miss anything or is this just the nature of this beast?

Also, I have still to tackle the throttle stop. The access is very limited with the aluminum frame in the way. Any suggestions on the best way to go about this one.

Thanks for any advice.

Gray wire has not effect on decel popping. It merely enables a more radical ignition advance curve.

LOL, 'spit over the bars' is a 'feature' of a four stroke engine braking.

Since you opened the airbox and the exhaust, did you rejet? Yjhis is very important. Did you reset/adjust the fuel screw?

With the correct ball end Allen wrench, the throttle stop screw can easily be swapped. Without the correct tools, shock removal may be called for.

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