WR with YZ seat question

I bought a 2001 WR 426 that has the YZ tank and seat mod. The previous owner also put on a YZ fender and number plate. I want to take it back to WR as far as lights. Will the WR fender work with the YZ seat? Can someone also tell me where the power plug for the headlight and brake light go?


The WR fender will work great with the YZ seat. In fact the European WR models (00-01-02) came with the YZ seat-tank combo from the factory. So there is absolutely no problem with the WR fender

While the YZ seat will work with the WR fender, if you already have a YZ fender in good shape, adding a Baja Designs LED Tail/brake light is a much lihgter, cleaner, and if you have to buy WR fender and tail light new, cheaper option.

As far as where the connectors go, there is no brake light connector on US models...you need to add a hydraulic brake switch to the rear master cylinder (and front, too if your state requires it) and wire it in yourself. Stock light does have the wire for brake light, but it terminates internal to the harness. The plug for the headlight should be tucked up under the gas tank or secured to the stearing head if the original owner didn't cut it off. Shold just be a two pronger with a yellow and, I believe a black wire...

Thanks for the help.


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