05 YZ 250. (clutch)

Ok, so i put it in gear with the clutch in and try to roll it, HA...acts like the clutch is engaged, adjusted clutch @ lever, still nothing. i need manual for the bike does anybody have?


What did you need to know?

why when I roll it with the clutch pulled in with the bike in gear act like the clutch isnt pulled in, for example when i push it, say's in first gear and i have the clutch pulled in, the bike doesnt wanna roll smoothly


the clutch is dragging. make sure your freeplay is adjusted properly at the lever and the clutch and engine are warmed up. If there is still some drag you need to inspect the clutch.

if you are using a heavy weight fluid the clutch will drag when cold.

well i need the service manual know where i can get one

*Note, I adjusted Clutch Freeplay to specs, and still does it BAD...iunno man, shit.

It should be the same as your 98. Might be warped plates or a groved basket. I would drain the oil and pull the the clutch cover and check things out. For the manual you can check at the dealership or online. Also, you may check out cyclepedia.com, they do online manuals. I used them for my KDX200, it was fine for my needs.

i wanna pull it off, but dont wanna replace the gaskest lol im so broke..

It has an o-ring.

oh forreal the clutch cover does?

yes it has a O ring for the clutch cover



fo sho

See MJP68's post, cold clutch? If so, no roll in gear = normal.


Even on a properly adjusted clutch with new components, there is still a bit of drag when you try to push the bike in gear with the clutch lever pulled in. My two smoker does it, and my brand new 08 YZ450F does it and I've only ridden it up the street and back so far. Unless it's a problem while the bike is being ridden (i.e. shifting or stalling), I wouldn't worry about it.

PM me your email address for an 06 manual...everything but the front forks should be applicable to 05.

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