Heavy clutch pull

Just recently picked up a 99 yz400. I have been going through it catching the bike up on maintenance, as it was just used as a yard bike basically. Still had the stock tires on it even :excuseme:

Went to Durhamtown yesterday though, and came to realized just how heavy the clutch pull is. I adjusted and lubed the cable and lever, and plan on adjusting the clutch pressure plate soon, but those things should not effect the pull. The cable seems to move freely, so it is not that.

Anything you guys think I should look for, maybe in the actuator>

If it is just "one of those things" with the YZ400, how many of you have used a Moose easy pull system on your bike? By the end of the day I could barely pull the lever anymore :lol:

you use the clutch?

Mine's really smooth and easy when I do use it - probably still too new since it only gets used to get going.

It probably IS your cable, the only other things I could see it being is:

Notched basket causing plates to hang up which in turn causes resitance

Someone installed much heavier clutch springs requiring more force to move.

I agree with Matt, probably the cable has some friction in it that you can't feel without load. Try an aftermarket terrycable and a Moose adjustable leverage perch. Or you can get a real light pull with a Rekluse - no pull at all.

Yes I use the clutch :lol. But I am riding in tight single track woods, just about have to, to avoid stalling it in alot of circumstances. I dont use it on upshifts, but I do on downshifts and in the tight stuff.

The notched basket is exactly what I was looking for though. Somethign I hadnt thought of as a possiblity. I will check that too.

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