WR Range

How far can you guys go on a stock WR426? In KM or Miles please, not hours.



(Thinking WR450F for next season)

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Lots better... I can give you an idea on a WR400, probably won't help much though...

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I rode the Kokapelli Trail from basically the Utah/CO border to Moab...100 miles...and I just BARELY didnt need the gas strapped onto the handlebars/fender pack.

I ussually get about 40 mpg on my 400 in Col area. 100 mi no problem.


I have a wr400 with a stock tank. I can ride 60 miles without using the reserve. I figure for the most part I get 20 miles to the gallon. It really does depend on how hard and how fast you ride ... :D If your ride hard thru technical terrain it will be alot less than say riding fire roads. I have seen as little as 15 mpg and as much as 30.

hope that helps. :)

Wow, that's crazy, you guys are way lower than what I can get out of mine. Maybe it's the altitude, but I can easily go 150 miles on a stock WR tank. What do you suppose gives??

Dodger :D:)

I'm not sure how much of a difference it makes (though it may be quite large), but the sprocket sizes on the front and back may make a considerable difference. What are each of you guys running? Larger front and/or smaller rear give higher speeds and better mileage, but less low end torque and control (I know, I know, you already knew that stuff, but it was worth mentioning)...

ive gone 120-150 miles inthe high desert of california and still had a lil gas to put around camp.......so ill say 125 easily

I have a 01 WR 426...approx.110 miles single track/120 miles fire roads..13 tooth front/ 50 tooth back..Although I have never ran out yet! :D See ya!.Tim :)

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For typical dual sport fire road crusing I can get 105 to 115 miles total on the tank.

If I'm on single track in 2nd and 3rd gear most of the time the range is around 90 to 100 miles.

If this makes any difference my 02 WR is getting better gas mileage than my trusty old 98 WR400.

Twice now,with stock 14/50 gearing on a free mod only 2002 WR426 I have gone to reserve at 85 miles.Then another 15.Thats it.Today I just added a IMS 4 gal tank.Also went to 15/44 gearing for a long race this weekend in Baja Sur.My new range should be interesting.

I usually get about 65 miles from my '02 WR426F 14/50, but riding in the forest trails most of the time on 2nd and sometimes even on 1st.

I usually get about 30 mpg in the woods, mostly in 2nd & 3rd gear. In real sandy conditions where the back wheel spins and the revs are kept higher I get slightly lower. On the last long ride I hit 75 miles of single track, paved, dirt roads and some wide open stuff without hitting reserve, my buddy on his 91 KLX 250 2-smoke barely made it back to camp. I'm running stock gearing with the mods in my sig.

Since I did the Taffy jetting thing I haven't put fuel in my tank yet. Man does it get great mpg.

Outside of jetting it depends entirely on the terrain and the cogs you use and the size of your gas tank !!!

14-53 in the woods with mostly using 2-3 gear I last about 3 hours on my tank (approx 10 litres). I have only just installed my TrailTech so I have no idea what distance I am covering.

96 miles of combination riding of fast fire roads and tight rocky sections, and that is without reserve.

I get about 50-60 miles of riding hard [ in the woods] with a stock wr tank . Don't realy care how much the bike uses just want it to run strong and that eats up the gas .

From my example you'll see it truly matters the way you drive it.

I use my WR for 100% MX and only have apprx 225 miles on it since I bought it new. But have gone through MANY Tank fulls of gas. And I have the taffy mods open exhaust etc.........

I think the best I get is 40mpg (moderate riding) stock WR.

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