Holy Jesus 07 450f

I am the proud owner of a new (to me) 07 WR450f. I just upgraded from a '98 400f.

The difference is amazing. 10 years of development amount to a ride that is so much more composed and power that is usable and forgiving.

It has made monster power slides, stand-up wheelies and haulin ass, so much easier.

I feel like i can ride much faster with less input.

My point, to anyone wondering if there much to gain by upgrading one WR for another, do it.

For someone that regularly tries to climb nasty hills the electric start is GOLD.:lol::excuseme:

cheers mate, im looking to get a CRF250X yr06. just need a few extra $'s.

cheers mate, im looking to get a CRF250X yr06. just need a few extra $'s.

I got one of those it's brand new sitting in my back room , just waiting til I the time and money rebuild it into my awd cr500

And yes I have a a 07 wr 450 too they are a nice bike . And Yes they have come a long way.

The 450's are amazing. One of my friends rides in the midwest motocross circuit and has an '08 yz450 that he let me ride yesterday, and it had a ton of power. I'm used to 2-stroke dirt bikes that have a finicky powerband, and I used to think that if it wasn't a 2-stroke it wasn't worth riding, but as much power as these 450's have, I'm convinced that 4-strokes are the way to go now. It's nice being able to choose between rolling on the throttle and keeping it smooth, or cracking it wide open to wheelie out of the holeshot.

I agree. Same thing can be said for the YZ. I rode an older (90's) yz and I wasn't impressed with it at all. They one day I rode my buddy's 06 yz 250 and I couldn't believe the difference. Now I have an 07WR 450. It's an awsome bike!

yeah i try not to be too 'one eyed' in my admiration of yamaha enduro bikes..... its hard though.

Friends of mine struggle to keep up in the woods on their mx bikes, but my bike is at home on almost any mx track.

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