Holy Jesus 07 450f, just upgraded.

I am the proud owner of a new (to me) 07 WR450f. I just upgraded from a '98 400f.

The difference is amazing. 10 years of development amount to a ride that is so much more composed and power that is usable and forgiving.

It has made monster power slides, stand-up wheelies and haulin ass, so much easier.

I feel like i can ride much faster with less input.

My point, to anyone wondering if there much to gain by upgrading one WR for another, do it.

For someone that regularly tries to climb nasty hills the electric start is GOLD.:lol::excuseme:

to be fair... my old bike was a flogged out 10 year old model. It had fork springs that were way too stiff for my weight/ability.

The new bike has a Barrett exhaust, boyesen quickshot 2, full de-restrict (ais, grey wire, throttle) etc. Have not touched the adjusters, it feels great out of the box. Will have new white plastics and a retro red stripes sticker kit in a week, will post pics.

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