UK Spec WR400.

Still a bit confused by all the mods? i have a uk wr400 99 model what free mods if any can i do to the bike please? Also i seem to have lag or bog in 3rd gear. In 2nd open it up and straight on the back wheel do the same in 3rd and seems to be a delay before it comes on song? any help would be great please.

Kayloe :excuseme:

Straight on the back wheel in 2nd? Theres no way my bike will lift the front wheel just winding the throttle back in any gear,only if i clutch it

Advance the timing one tooth and really wake it up.

Yep thats on the list of stuff to do!

Im gonna do the throttle stop mod first though then the cam timing.

A couple of questions though:

Should my bike be able to lift the front wheel from just pulling the throttle back? Its standard other than an aftermarket tail pipe

To do the throttle stop mod do i just replace the throttle cable with a yz cable from a similar year bike?


Hi there, chances are if its a 99 wr400 the throttle stop mod has been done already. It has nothing to do woth the cable, its a bolt on the carb that limits the slide on the carb from opening all the way. Have a look at the 250 will be the same as the 400.

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