Random thoughts on first weekend of ownership.

1) My WR would barely run with all the crap on it... unbelievable.

2) What a pain in the arse to remove all the crap that came on it.

3) Did I really need to remove my rear shock to get the carb out?

4) I was really starting to wonder if that exhaust restricter was ever going to come out.

5) If you hookup the two connectors backwards behind the side plate, it will pop the fuse the minute you hit the starter button.

6) Don't drive like a jackarse in your brothers new crossfire, on a Friday night at 11pm going to get fuses... although, to my credit he wheeled me for not using my blinker.. which sorta made me laugh.

7) We started at 8pm friday night, and it was 1:30am when we finally got it all done (Cycra handguard and scotts damper mounting also)... and I didn't really care if I woke the neighbors up... I made sure it was going to run.

8) It was well worth the umpteen hours to remove the crap, my lawn has some ruts to prove it.

9) A WR must weigh about half of what a DRZ weighs.

10) Throttle modulation is now a must on the trail... the DRZ you simply pinned leaving every corner... if you want the front wheel near the ground, don't do that with the WR.

11) The WR shifts like crap... how the hell do you get it in neutral? [although its seems to be getting better]

12) Why is the shift lever so far in towards the motor... I don't know how many times I went for an upshift only to be booting air.

13) Even without my stiffer RaceTech springs in (I'm a fatass)... the WR suspension was 10x better than the DRZ suspenders.

14) The hotstart is a must for starting... and never give it any throttle.

15) Why didn't I listen to my friends and buy this the first time... before the DRZ???

16) Sand whoops went from a scary proposition to more of a mild annoyance.

17) Can't wait to see how much of a PITA it is to change the oil this week.

18) The stock grips are hard on the hands.

19) I know I'm being a bit critical... we always point out the 'flaws' in things before we point out the good aspects... this bike rocks... I really really like it.

#17 on your gripe list will not be problem - 5 minutes tops to change the oil & filter.

I'm also a new owner.....

(1) Dealer removed all the smog junk and re-jetted.

(2) Throttle control an absolute must, altho I don't really even think about it much anymore.

(3) Maintaining a constant speed on the road produces a "miss". Read something about this, can't remember what causes it, or what the cure is.

(4) Tiny tank, thursty engine.

(5) Cheeks hurt from grinning so much.

Give it about ten rides and you'll be super pumped on that bike.

14) The hotstart is a must for starting... and never give it any throttle.

Pilot jet is likely to rich.... if you used the GYTR AIS kit I think they give you a pretty fat jet... sounds like you are now an expert at accessing the carb so it should be no big deal to get in their and change the pilot:thumbsup:

if you used the GYTR AIS kit I think they give you a pretty fat jet...

Crap. Yes I used the GYTR kit. It seems to run fine, I'll finish out the season and revisit pipe and jetting options in the spring.

The bike really is awesome... i was just nitpicking the little things that I noticed.

on the first day yamaha had a carb

on the second they had a frame

on the thied day they had suspension

on the forth day they had an engine

on the fifth day they had plastics

on the sixth day they realized (??????) how do we get the carb off

on the seventh day they rested because they couldnt race

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