Fair price for 02 wr426?

I was at our local dealer to order a repair manual for my sons XR200. They had a WR250 on the floor and I got talking to a salesman that I know. Well turns out they had a 426 in the back, I'm thinking 450's on the way, winter in Michigan, Very little snow (snowmobile sales down) I might be able to steal this and upgrade the 00WR. Made an offer, they said OK. I said great and thought OH Sh-t. They have to install the brake light switch and horn and get the local police dept. to inspect to approve the street legal title. This will happen next week and then I can pick it up. Well the OH Sh-t part of my thoughts is that my wife won't care but she will want reperations. This great deal might cost me twice retail. Probably should have waited for the 450 and hid it at a friends. Oh well can't wait to get it home and unfix all the stock fixins.

I'm hearin ya, thats happened to me before, just buy her a 200 buck ring and tell her what she wants to hear. :):D

I bought mine a 5K+ ring last year after ten years of U-KNOW. I think I'm good for another 10 more years, I hope. OK so I buy a bike a year, the trade-in counts, don't it? I have'nt traded her yet! :)

I heard a woman can only stay mad at you for six weeks. If she really loves you.

I'll let you know if it's true. :)

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