450 reliable as 400?

I just bought an 03 wr450. I was wondering about the titatanium valves compared to the steel ones on my 99 400. My old bike is so reliable it amazes me. Should I focus more on maintenance and valve adjustment with the 03? How would I know if the starter upgrade has been done on the 03? I ride on Atka island (Aleution chain) I have the only 2 wheeler here with only 60 people on the island. Plenty of open riding on volcanic mountains with no trees. Does anyone want to ride here?

I also have that 99 WR400 that is rock solid. Looking at this forum...all of the Yamaha's 400/426/450's have been XR reliable. I have not seen very much mechanical issue posted. You got a good one...go blue. KJR

its for that very reason i bought my first WR450. The yammie seems to be the most reliable out of the mx/enduro bunch.

I bought a 07 450 on the strenght that my friend has got a 04 WR from new & never missed a beat. Also it handled a dream compared to my XR650r !

"Does anyone want to ride here?"

I do !!!! please post some pics

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