Help!! 250 or 450??

hi recently purchased a wr 450 '04 (engineless) also purchased an engine from a now defunt breaker, fitted engine appears ok apart from the starter spinning and only occasionally turning engine. i was told the motor was a 250 but after trying to source parts, think it may be a 450! how can i tell????, the engine code begins XJ314E and the cylinder has 5TA1 cast just above exhaust outlet also have a supermoto wr400 and the cylinder on the 400 is approx 5mm shorter than the recently aquired engine,, any veiws / opinions greatly accepted...regards

it should sat on the cylinder my friends wr 400 has 399cm stamped on it me exc 525 has 519cm on it and my cr 500 has 495cm on it so it should be on it low and in front.

Hey Sparkie, dont know if this helps but my engine on my 2004 WR250 says G333E.......and my 2006 WR450 has J321E...... on it. Jason

hi guys, thanks for your replies, ive had the motor confirmed as a 2004 wr450 by local yam dealer, engine came with reciepts, thought i had purchased 250 but got 450, excellent!!!

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