What's it worth?

I had a question for you guys,I was thinking of selling my 1999 YZ400F and upgrading to something newer.My question is what's it worth, I have owned it for two seasons and when I picked it up it was bone stock but well maintained since then I have done the following to set it up for desert riding/racing.

*All new plastics

*Fluidyne Radiators

*Dr D full exhaust D-Shape

*Hyde Racing Skid Plate

*WC frame guards

*Aluminum Sub frame

*Clarke Desert Tank

*Renthal upper clamp with Renthal Twin-Wall bars

*New chain and sprockets ( 15/48)

*Sunline shift lever

*Cycra CRM Pro Bend Pacer Pack Handguards

*BRP chain guide

*BRP disk fin

*new brake pads front and rear

*new oem brake disc front and rear

*Rad Manufacturing Econo series wheels (Black on Black with 18" rear)

*SDG Tall Seat

*Power now and JD Jetting kit

*IMS Low-Boy Pegs

Current Green sticker and clean title

If anyone could help I would appreciate it

Do you want me to make you feel good, or tell you the truth?

well I do understand I now have more into it than its worth

If you find the right buyer, you might get $2000. It's really worth about $1600. Even that might be hard to get, because your in competition with YZ426's in that range.

The market is funny, though. What seems to always happen to me is that I post an ad, nobody asks about it for a couple of months, then finally somebody bites, and I let him low ball me. The next week is usually filled with people calling about the bike.

Well then I guess Iam better off keeping it and making it a 440 huh?

That depends on what you'd rather own. I paid $3200 for my second '06 a year ago, and 3 months later, I sold my '03 with a handful of add-ons for $2200. Any upgrade will cost you something, whether you "trade" yours, or modify it. It's just a matter of where you end up.

Don't try to think of everything in strictly monetary terms. Some stuff has intangible values that can't always be easily convert to dollars.

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