2000 WR400F vs YZ400F or YZ426F

I hate to ask again, but my search didn't come up with much. Can someone explain to me how I would make my WR400F ride more like a YZ400F on the track? Other than changing the timing, what is the difference? What kind of suspension changes would be needed?


Try a YZ replica seat and tank. This should give you the most noticable, seat of the pants, YZ feel.

If your cheap,like me, take a click or two more compression dampening. Take a get aquainted ride with your new enduro/motocross machine to feel the difference. I read here recently one of the TTers played with his clickers and promptly crashed because he didn't get a feel first.

Above all, avoid first gear at the track and learn the feather the clutch method in second.

Just my two cents worth of advice. Hope it'll help.


As noted above install a stock YZ tank and seat, this can be purchased fron Clark manufacturing as a set. It is important to have your weight transfer move forward while turning this will let the front end bite more, also try moving the triple clamps down this will also help. I have just completed the YZ timing and grey wire mod on my bike and I'm pulling hole shots almost every moto.

The suspension is really rider preference, how ever I found my rear spring from the factory was adjusted half an inch beyond the min spec (yes it was like riding a pogo stick)

hope this helps.

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