houston was great

in the best american tradition if i can't say anything good i wouldn't say it at all!

i met some really nice people that were friends of my married mate out there. he lives near studemont "the quarters". one of these perfectly formed fortresses!

pool and bubble bath included. NYE i did a rendition of young scottish lassie with an upturned bar stool. went down quite well although i'm told a lot of people won't understand where i was coming from. so hick you were right!

weather was georgous bar the monday. i was wearing a t-shirt and sweating and all the mexican builders were in three jackets and a woolly hat!

i have never seen anywhere so spread out! no perception of 'filling in' just out! rather like some of the people.

i seemed to just eat, eat and eat. on the last day i refused to eat another morsel! just fruit whilst i watched my belly come down in size.

went for a tex mex, cajun at a theodoux's where Int 45 joins the road for NASA. somebody opposite me had two plates of crayfish, another meal and then the owner went by with his own meal and he asked for 'the same' so the owner gave him it and went off again to cook some more.

i left him still eating!

NASA was fine, i guess cape canaveril is a bit more visual though. they really know how to make you spend though don't they!

went to the titanic display that's going the rounds at the moment. well worth it, although it was flying the star spangled spanner in the portraits. this is one occasion you boys can claim it if you want!

got asked for identity the first night and it took a lot of people to let me in. i'm 41 and they wanted ID!!

because, as you know, i have tinitus, i couldn't hear a bloody thing in the bars! all that NFL stuff. i rolled up with two birds by midweek (i moved fairly quickly on this occasion), they'd both driven there. one weighed 110lb and the other about 160lb and we slugged 12 pitchers of that miller or bud light. i was thinking of going to shorts, the pace was furious, i nearly whimped out, then on the last pitcher their eyes rolled over and i knew that victory was insight! it was cloose, those texas girls can drink!

then the lightweight drove me home. hollow legs anyone!

the girls on the estate dress the dogs in sweaters etc to keep them warm. ummmm!!

everyone was very friendly and they all fought to pick up the tab, what a nice bunch! did a place called "the taste of texas" for the best steak i have ever had! beautiful! the service is top notch and almost oppresive after a while. top stuff! they even had a room to wait in where you could eat to death on tacos, coke etc for free!

did a poppadeuxs the next day and although i enjoyed it, by then my body was begging for a rest and some plain food.

enjoyed a frank discussion with my friends father on the world, facts didn't come into it but hell i got his point you know!

gave lots of business ideas to her the next day as we went around searching for business premises and that made her day, she's gonna go broke if she does it mind-but she's happy! (i'm jestin, ok!)

took me through the only rough area and my arse began to pucker.

went to a beautiful area called river oaks and all the houses were perfect, with good taste!! and then they spoiled it by all of them being so perfect that you thought the stepford wives were gonna come out on the front lawn!

some of the people look really fit and yet they go around in jeans all day about 7" too long, what a shame. others, well you wish they'd get out of what they were in and back to loose jeans!

there's so much money, and the new buildings that cost a lot without exception are tastefully done. some bloke climbed one building the day before i arrived and then proceeded to jump off to his death. apparently he DID NOT fall. yuuuggg! lovely water fall feature out the front.

i was ready for most things before i went out there as i've been surrounded by americans all my life. i wasn't ready for the TV. we may only have 5 channels but they're better than 90 of the ones i saw.

i like plays and documentary's etc and what with the BBC over here being ordered to keep up the highest "standard" (i know - it's subjective, you don't have to tell me) the others have to keep up as well. so that was the only thing i was truly disappointed in.

met lot's of nice men!!!! met lot's of girls that weren't up for it!!! we have gays in the UK but these were queens!! to be fair though if i lived in a city i'd find a few here i suppose.

they say it happens in the states first and that we get it ten years later. l-o-v-e-l-y!!

on the last day i went into a place called the little watch shop. an absolute darling asked me if;

i was interested in the pocket watch and chain i was looking at?

oh i can afford the $300 pocket watch i said, but i can't afford the waist jacket!

what jacket? why do you need a jacket sir?

apparently his uncle called GWB has got his finger on the button boys and we're all in safe hands! now i know where he gets it from.

no wonder you lot don't understand me! very clean, warm, and next year if i'm in the money-i'm doing new orleans in the middle with the crew. funds permitting.

someone will have to round the corners on this one for me though:

the land of litigation. yet there are no traffic cones, bollards, walk ways etc and there are hole in the road and bits dangling at head height!

i hope i haven't offended, it's just a little humour.


Yea!! Houston is a great town. But, did you ride ??

no i didn't. i can live without it at the moment although i would imagine right now that it's perfect riding weather.

any of the places i mention sound familiar?


i guess cape canaveril is a bit more visual though


My submarine was in and out of Port Canavaral for several months.

The SCENERY was outstanding

SCENERY: Women wearing Thong Bikini's :D :D :D:)

I can't believe I missed this post a week ago.

Taffy, it sounds like you got the Texas tour.

Where you were staying is pretty much the dead center of town. Its known as Montrose. Thats where all the pretty boys, the freaks, and fruitcakes live. They really know how to party there. Its funny how an upscale neighborhood like River Oaks blends right in with all of it. If you got to go club hopping down Westheimer on a Saturday night you wouldn't think you were in Texas at all.

What you saw around NASA is what the Houston area is for the rest of us. Lots of suburbs, malls, new construction, and traffic.

Glad you had fun!

ah that street-westheimer, it seemed to me if it happened anywhere business wise THAT was the street to be on.

there were lots of 'nice' boys like you say but it wasn't in my anebriated face.

i didn't see too many cowboy hats on my stay full stop! went and threw a ball around on memorial heights and went to the three dogs store. god help me! i went in and thought it was a bakery, scrummy i thought and then lauren started buying it all for her dog!! phuqing hell i eat worse than the bloody dog does :)

thanks again


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