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Another successful Eastern TT Union/Reunion at Bill's in PA...

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For the second year in a row, Bill has hosted a Eastern TT Union.

Mike68, MCarp, and myself were repeat participants. Sean P. and Brian were new participants this year.

The weather was not real cooperative the first day, Friday. The day started w/ a fine mist in the air at Bill's. On arriving at Rausch Creek, a light drizzle met us, along with Mike and Brian, who arrived earlier at the track. We saw a couple moderate showers thoughout the day.

Bill was on the injury list and did not ride. I opted not to ride, call me a sissy :D . I kept our host company but enjoyed seeing Mike68, Brian, Sean and Mike C. roost around a real sloppy track. Mike68 and Brian were putting out some impressive lap times trying to race each other. Sean was spinning his way around the track on a highly secret experimental tire. It could be considered somewhere between SHOT and BALD. Mike C. vowed to pay me back from last year when I douched him in a water hole. Lucky I did not ride that day! :)

The day was filled with bench racing and good company. The obilgatory victory beers were drawn and drained after a successful day of riding :D , i.e. NO INJURIES! :D

The evening consisted of me wrenching on my bike, although no where as intense for me as last years jetting woes were. I had to replace some frayed throttle cables, and reposition a jammed bark buster on my throttle side. We ordered some pizzas and enjoyed the typical great conversations I have come accustomed to from my friends and fellow thumpertalkers.

Sean has come from the DRZ forum (and a DRZ 400) to a WR250F. Brian rides a WR400. Both are from southern NH.

Saturday's weather started a little better. The track had not improved from the day before, but was not any worse. On the Vintage track, the ground was real sticky in spots but still kinda slick in others. I was on the track ASAP, to make up for no riding the previous day. This was also my chance to run Taffy's jetting.

I DID NOTE that when blipping my throttle in neutral, the bike backfired rather harshly. I adjusted my newly installed Kouba, but never cleared up the backfiring... :D

I did get a chance to ride Sean's 250. I IMMEDIATELY felt the weight reduction his bike boasts of. I would have enjoyed a thorough testing of it, but the track conditions did not leave me confident I could give Sean his bike back in one piece.

I also had the chance to ride a 2000 CR250 Honda! I used to race a 91, and was very anxious to compare the two. My 91 seemed taller, with better ergo's, BUT a different set of bars and repositioning may have cured that. I was not impressed with an apparent lack of bottom end on the CR. The 89, 90, 91 CR's were known for their better bottom end, that plus I had my bike ported for better low end torque by Eric Gorr. The CR felt wicked light, compared to my (stripped) WR. When on the pipe, the CR pulled with authority. With the (SX) track as sloppy as it was, the WR was easier to motor around on for me. I could leave my bike in third, and with a little clutch work in the corners, keep my speed up. The CR HAD to be shifted to keep up it's momentum.

The weather improved steadily throughout the day, ending in a very nice, sunny and breezy afternoon.

We were all a little disappointed at the NO-SHOWS. The weather and the Buds Creek National in MD may have had a part in that. I was real anxious to have a CRF rider take out my WR (of course, I would FEEL OBLIGATED to humor the CRF rider and give his CRF a whirl :D ).

Maybe next year...

Thanks Bill, Mike, Brian, Sean, and Mike C. for making it another GREAT ride!!

BTW Taffy, if you read this, I DO know blipping the bike in neutral is no way to figure out jetting! I just HAD to throw that in for you, Pal!! :D:D

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i hear ya :)

your jetting woes continue.


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You guys rock! Count me in again for the next event :)

Kevin - we'll have to hit the Jolly Roger track once I get some fresh meat on my bike.

Bill - Thanks once again for hosting this. I hope your knee gets better soon.

Taffy - I saw your jetting rip on two bikes this weekend - very crisp and clean!

For those who didn't show for whatever reason - you missed out!

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Here are some pictures of the event. The track couldn't have been much muddier!


Bill- Thanks again for being a great host! Hope your knee heals quickly!

Sean-Your 250 was fun to ride despite the bald rear.Might have a hookup on a job if you know Peoplesoft. If you do, send me a PM.

You missed it ya'll!

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