2006-07 YZ450F User Jetting Database

I have a new '07 YZ450 just past break-in, stock pipe and airfilter

Altitide: 7500 FT

Temp: 50-75F

Main: 158 (stock was 160)

Pilot: 45 stock

Needle: stock

Check the plug after 1 to 2 hours of 2-track and it is very light in the center and dark around the outer rim. Runs great, some backfire on decel, no noticable flat spot.

Changed Pilot to 38, was 45.

Fuel Screw: 2 turn out

Runs good, starts good. at 7500 ft ASL

Bike: 07 YZ450

Main Jet: 155 (Stock is 160) But I think was still a little lean so went to 158 and will ride tommorrow

Pilot Jet: 42 (Stock is 45)

Starter Jet: stock

Needle: Stock and 4th clip down which is stock (I raised the clip but ran bad and was a real pain to start so I went back to stock)

Leak: stock

Air box: Stock

Pipe/muffler: Stock

Altitude: 6k to about 9500

Temp: Mid 70's to 80's

2007 yz 450

Model: 2007 YZ450f

Main Jet: 165

Pilot Jet:50

Starter Jet: stock

Leak: 55

Fuel screw: Zyp Ty 2 1/2 turns out

Needle: #3 clip ( stock)

Air box: moose

Pipe/muffler: white brothers pro

Temp:current 55-70

ELEVATION: 3500-7000

the bike runs great on u-4 gas or 110 but runs terrible on pump gas

the bike starts first kick hot or cold

I have a 07 yz 450 that was very lean from the factory

I ended up with a 165 main, 42 pilot, 55 leak, and a nfpp needle 4th positon

1-1/2-2 turns on the fuel screw

I have dr.d exhast at sea level.

The bike runs clean from bottom to top

Bike: 07 YZ450

Main Jet: 168

Pilot Jet: 48

Starter Jet: stock

Needle: Stock

Leak: stock

Air box: uni filter

fuel screw 2

has zip ty carb mod

Pipe/muffler: Stock

Altitude: 800

Temp: in door right now 65ish? summer 80s-upper 90s

do you guys think ill need to change something for the summer? maybe 45/165?

I have a 2006 YZ450 I did the 48 pilot 170 main stock needle .............. wow it's a new bike. Started easier and ran up and down the street crazy fast. I can't wait to get out with it. It's alot easier to jet with all the help from you guys on TT. I'm at about 250' here. Thanks for posting up all the info guys.

2007 yzf450

48 pilot

165 main

needle stock

leak jet stock

1 1/2-2 1/2 turns fuel screw


READ BEFORE POSTING!: This thread is intended to be used as a reference collection of jetting used by members ONLY. Please use the provided template below, and post only the jetting you currently use, along with any pertinent comments. Post only in the correct thread for your model bike.

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Post your jetting using the template below (copy and paste to your post) and please be as complete as you can. In the Comments section please include any modifications you feel will have a bearing on the jetting, such as cams, accelerator pump mods, bored carbs, etc.



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Main Jet:

Pilot Jet:

Starter Jet:

Leak Jet (if any):

Fuel screw/Setting:




Altitude Range:

Temp Range:

Humidity Range:



OEM 2006 YZ450F(V) Jetting:

Main Jet: 165

Pilot Jet: 42

Starter Jet: 72

Leak Jet (if any): 55

Fuel screw/Setting: 2.125-2.5 turns out

Needle/Position: NFPR-4

OEM 2007 YZ450F(W) Jetting:

Main Jet: 160

Pilot Jet: 45

Starter Jet: 72

Leak Jet (if any): 55

Fuel screw/Setting: 1.25-1.75 turns out

Needle/Position: NFLR-4

Model:2006 YZ450

Edit Revision Date: 9/08

Main Jet:168

Pilot Jet:48

Starter Jet:Stock

Leak Jet (if any):40

Fuel screw/Setting:1.25 Out

Needle/Position: JD Red #5


Pipe/muffler:FMF Ti Powercore

Altitude Range:4000-8000'

Temp Range:40-90 F

Humidity Range:5%-20%

Comments: Starts easily and crisp throttle response. Very little backfiring, usually only happens when going down a steep hill and using hard engine braking.:excuseme:

Model:2007 YZ450F



Main jet: 170

Pilot jet:48


Fuel screw: 2 1/8 out

Starter jet:stock

Leak jet:42

O-ring mod,shortened stock exhaust 3",93octaneBP,Powerflow air filter cage and filter. Bike is awesome. Great throttle response.Pulls hard. No flat spots. Starts easy. No pop on decel.

Model: '07 yz450f

Main Jet: 168

Pilot Jet: 48

Starter Jet: stock

Leak Jet (if any): stock

Fuel screw/Setting: 2 1/4

Needle/Position: 4th

Filter: stock

Pipe/muffler: stock

Altitude Range: 400-1000

Temp Range: 40-90

Humidity Range:

Little popping under heavy engine braking, otherwise no popping. Still feels a tad rich, need to play with the fuel screw some more.

Model: 2007 YZ450F

Edit Revision Date:

Main Jet: 165(Stock)

Pilot Jet: 45(Stock)

Starter Jet: Stock

Leak Jet (if any): Stock

Fuel screw/Setting: 1 1/2 turn out

Needle/Position: Stock

Filter: Twin Air

Pipe/muffler: DR. D Stainless w/spark arrestor installed

Altitude Range: 100-300ft

Temp Range: 60-85F

Humidity Range: 70-95%

Comments: O-Ring mod done to Accelerator Pump. No Bog. Runs perfect and keeps on pulling...

Model: 2006 YZ450F

Edit Revision Date: 4/12/09

Main Jet: 170

Pilot Jet: 48

Starter Jet: Stock

Leak Jet (if any): Stock

Fuel screw/Setting: Zip Ty Racing, 2.75 out

Needle/Position: Stock

Filter: Ready Racing

Pipe/muffler: Stock

Mods: Boyesen Quick Shot (first gen)

Altitude Range: 50 - 300

Temp Range: 60 - 80 F

Humidity Range: Unknown

Comments: Thanks to the info posted in here, I finally got my bike to (mostly) quit back firing on deceleration. Of course, I'm still too far out on the fuel screw but that's the only way to get it to almost quit. I may try one size larger on the main and pilot to see if I can turn the fuel screw in a bit. I have no idea the ramifications for running the fuel screw too far out but I've been running it over 3 out for years now. hehe. Didn't have any major problems from doing that but it was obviously not jetted right.

I tried the 48 pilot without changing the main one time (years ago) and the bike would NOT start. Then, I ran the 45 pilot with stock everything else (besides the Quick Shot) and it ran okay . . . I thought.

But when I tried the 170 main with the 48 pilot it fired right up like it always has (which was more important to me than the back firing). With this new setting, the back firing is almost gone completely and the power does seem to come on a little stronger earlier and stay stronger for longer in the RPM range. I only rode it up and down a mostly flat road a few times so I have yet to test it on a track.

I'm super optimistic that I made the right changes and may post a follow-up about it later this month.

Main jet: #165s

Pilot jet: #45

Needle jet: Nincs

Starter jet: #72

Pilot air jet: #100

Leak jet: #55

Jet needle: #NFPR #4

Standard pilot screw position : 2 1/8 out

Altitude 0-300ft

07 450

3000- 5000ft

Main 165

Pilot 42

Needle was 4 now 5

Sunline Fuel Screw 2 turns out

Works great for trail riding at alltitude Good power bottom thru top

Model: 2007 Yamaha YZ 450f

Edit Revision Date:

Main Jet: 160

Pilot Jet: 45

Starter Jet: stock

Leak Jet (if any): stock

Fuel screw/Setting: 1 3/4

Needle/Position: stock/3

Filter: twin air

Pipe/muffler: stock

Altitude Range: 5290

Temp Range: 70

Humidity Range: 46%

Comments: still running very lean. Quite a bit of backfire on deceleration. 0 to 1/4 throttle gasping for air. Seems that 1/4 to 3/4 throttle feels like it is getting better. I need help!! I'm one crappy day from going Fuel injection.


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