I crashed out on Father's Day

I crashed out on Father's Day. I am not a father, nor married, and live alone, so I have a very difficult few months ahead of me. I broke the Ulna in my left forearm, which will probably be plated, and the calcaneous (heel) in my right foot, which may need surgery also. I can't use crutches, so mobility will be a big problem. I sure would appreciate it if any of you SoCal riders could help me with bike stuff, food shopping, etc.

I plan to sell my '02 YZ250F and CRF450R, cheap.

Typing with one finger sucks!!!

Where in SoCal are you?


[ June 17, 2002: Message edited by: Scott F ]

The SX capitol of the world!

check your pm's.




I thought I asked you to be careful dude... very sorry to hear though... you already have my cell number, call anytime if you need help man, even though you rode a Honda, I'll still take your call.

Get well soon Scotty!!!!!!

Scott, check your private mail and lets talk tonight after 7:30.

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