Fair market value - 1999 WR 400F

Couldn't wait for the 450's any longer and bought a 520 EXC today. Now is time to move the 99 WR - looking for some thoughts/opinions on fair market value on the following:

1999 WR 400F

Devol Radiator guards

Scott top clamp with dampener mount

Renthal fat bars

Acerbis handguards

WHite Bros E-Series carbon

Panoram computer

Plastic is all new or nearly new, new graphics kit and seatcover

Motor is good, starts 1-2 kicks

Oil changed every other ride

Thinking of asking $3100 --- this sound reasonable?

All help is appreciated...


The best decision you could make is to strip everything that is aftermarket off that bike and sell them here or on eBay and what stock parts you still have put them back on the bike.

Trust me, you will not get that much more out of it with the aftermarket goodies on it. :)

e-mail me if this bike is still fo sale. im looking for one. txmxracer@aol.com im located in central tx

Sent you an email - this bike is in Austin, Tx and I need the room in my garage. Should have pics up later tonight or tomorrow.


Although, I could be wrong. If someone knows what aftermarket goodies are worth then they might be willing to pay upwards of $3,000.

Hope you sell it. :)

Rocket I just sold my 99WR for 3100.00 Its was mint condition and almost identical on the accessories.Good luck!

Sorry Boyz.....As many here know I watch used YZ/WR values pretty closely....At the Present time a Mint Condition WR (And their are not many) will bring $3100.00 while a well maintained one will bring $2600.00 (down $500.00 from last year).... Once the 450's actually hit the street in mass you can expect the values to immediately slide $500-to-$700, especially hard hit will be trade in values. Personally I cannot wait so that I can grab a couple of maintained 426's

Bonzai :)

Here in Calif. a 99 WR 400 will fetch $3400- $3900, simply because its the lsat Yamaha four stroke thats green stickered & Dual sportable.

mine is a 2000 and i have a green sticker. i thought all 2000's were. hmmm maybe the dmv is dumb again.


The DMV's dumb, the 8th digit of your VIN indicates the 200 as a RED sticker. One of my friends has one & he has a red sticker

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