WR450 dual sport / green sticker?

The deal with metal tanks is federal law requires them. As I recall, states can be more strict than fed but not less. Now lets realy screw things up, IF a ranger etc. wanted to enforce this he would have to arrest you under a felony charge then get a federal prosecutor to file it. This is not going to happen.

Another tid bit for you detail hunters is, some cars come with plastic tanks i.e. the Caprice police car. That being the case, maybe the feds don't require metal tanks any more.

Happy Hunting

Actually a local prosecutor could pursue it as you said yourself that the states must be as strict or more so than the federal rules. this is not a law, but the only way the federal govt is going to spend federal money on state roads which what the states want. Metal tanks are required so that they will not rupture in accidents. a plastic tank on a bike is much more prone to bursting than a plastic tank in a car and therefore your argument would probably hold no water with the DOT. federal and state dot regulations probably differ greatly between cars and bikes and bikes most definitely are more scrutinized, especially converted dirt bikes, because they are the exception and not the rule. I live in GA and have heard of dealerships hiding your mso in the stack of papers to be sent to the tag office and getting a plate this way, but do not know if this would work in CA. I did read here a few days back of this working for a YZ250 two stroke for a guy in CA and but it was a mistake and he did not really want it. good luck and let us know what you find out.

My KTM LC4 Adventure comes with a 7.5 gallon plastic tank and is street legal off the dealer floor, there is no conversion done to it.

I am astounded every time I read a post from CA that says stuff about rangers stopping people when out riding. What is up with being hassled all the time. Last time I knew law enforcement legally cant stop people with out probable cause. I know in reality they can do what ever they want, but think thats crap. In oregon thankfully we dont have this kind of crap to deal with, yes there are rangers out there, but they usually wave when you ride by. And I dont think we have the numbers of patrols being done. What is up with Red sticker Green sticker nonsense, how absurd.

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