WR450 spike in power/vaults? blows all lights

hey guys ive got a 2003 wr450 and ive replaced all the globes for the 4th time after about 10 mins max of riding....

im just riding alone then my headlight blows...put in onto high beam it starts workin again for only a short time before that blows... no tail lights, no number plate, no headlight...nothing and its getting quite annoying replacing all the globes forever in a day.

so there could be a problem with the vaults going to the battery...like a spike in the power or something?

i was wondering if anyone has had the same problem..if so how to resolve it

any help would be great...



The regulator is blown. Check the voltage!

+1 regulator

high 12v maby 13v at idle high 14v at speed

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