2000 YZ 426F Need Help!!

Hey, Man i got a deal of the century with this bike, and have rode it for about 2 years here and there. I dont get much time riding anymore so the bike has stayed nearly mint. I love the bikes power but it just beats the hell out of me....I weigh about 230lbs. anyone have any ideas about how i can set this bike up to be more user friendly? I mean i jus get arm pump after like two laps on the track....I dont know if i need some serious suspension upgrades or what....Thanks Guys!

Have you tried hitting the gym?? I am 6'5" and 225 and believe me the gym will be about the only thing that would help, other than gedtting your suspension set up right.

try the windham bend pro tapers. Grayracer says it might reduce arm pump.

They might, if they help you relax.

Arm pump (not to be confused with plain old tired muscles) is the result of setting the arm muscles in a tensed state and keeping them there for an extended period. Natural muscular activity is cyclic, i.e., flex, relax, flex, relax, like your legs do when you run. When some people set and hold the arm muscles, the muscular tension reduces the circulation of blood, and therefore, both the transport of oxygen to, and wastes from the muscles, causing pain and rapid fatigue.

The best three things for it are:

> Relax whenever possible, for however long it's possible, even seconds at a time.

> Build strength, so as to increase your confidence in your ability to hang on without a maximum effort

> Practice, for the same reason.

And do have your springs replaced to match your weight.

I had my suspension done by a local shop- told them to make it a cadillac, and they did. Stock suspension (especially on a 426) is not very forgiving. A pro can re-valve, change oil weight, and "tune" the suspension for a specific rider, and it makes a huge difference.

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