Will this fit? Need Help!!

I need a new rear chain guard for my 98 WR400. Found this one


It says it won't fit my bike but will fit a 98 YZ250. and from looking at the picture it looks identical. But I don't want to buy it, if it won't fit. And I am open for any other products or websites. I need to go as cheap as possible since I am in College. So I would rather not go with a whole new set up for $40-70. Thanks:ride:

The Yamaha chain guide part number for a 1998 YZ250 and a 1998 WR400 appear to be identical. See this link for 4XM-22199-00-00 or call your friendly Yamaha dealer for a compatibility check. http://www.motogrid.com/pages/parts/viewbybrand/2/yamaha.aspx#top Open the link, use Quick Part lookup. Enter Yamaha, the part number above, hit Enter, the results will be every model of Yamaha that used that part number.

sweet thanks for the info

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