new magic button for the old WR's????

So, does anyone think there will be a reasonably priced "magic button kit" out for the old WR's, now that they are being produced on the 450?


Highly doubtful.


I think there is a company making a kit in France, it was very expensive.

It looks like the starter setup on the WR450 is piggy-backed off the magneto cover. Posibily you could buy the flywheel, starter, and mag-cover from the WR450 when it comes out. I am sure it will be $ to convert if it can even be done, most likely not worth it.

The French Model is big and bulky and makes the left side cover hang way out there. It would be okay for dual sporters but not for primarilly MXing or woods racing.


Bonzai :)

My 98 was clearly designed for the placement of the starter motor. I understand 99 & up castings are machined back off. Does anybody have an uncle at yamaha that may know what parts off another yamaha model that would fit?

I will still be getting a 450, however, the curiosity is killing me.

Ya the french one was for Stefane Petersal or how ever you spell his name. It was ugly looking if anyone wants a link to the pics im sure i could find it again.

Mission Yamaha in Laguna Niguel told me that they will be able to retro fit the e start on the older WR's relatively easy.

they also have canadian bikes...

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