nikasil.. is it THAT important? on top end job

Hey friends. I am just getting my engine back together on my yz. I Was told nikasil or chrome plating is neccessary when putting a new piston in.. I dont want to wait the 2 weeks... or want to spend the extra 250 or so.. I have already poured 1,050. into upgrades (cams piston crank...) And im going to spend about another 900 in labor... I want my freaking bike back... Does anyone forsee any problems with my top end blowing or losing compression.. or burning oil? I was told the wear in the cylinder isnt bad. it's just "average".. any help or opiniuendo would be great, Thanks in advance!

If you had pics we'd be able to tell you better - if it is in fact "average" then you can get it honed for 10 bucks and it'll be good as new as long as your ring endgap is still in spec. it should last at least one Piston/rings, then inspect it again and see at that time.

Odds are your is fine....if you see what looks like aluminum poking's time to redo it.

On a bike I recently say, it started wearing right at the top of the stroke....evenly all the way around.

UNLESS the cylinder needs to be bored, there is no need to replate it. However, if there are any scratches that won't vanish in 3-5 quick passes with a ball hone, or any measurable wear in the bore, then it needs refinishing. IMO, unless you want to go with a big bore kit, you are about as well off to simply replace the cylinder, rather than refinish/replate it.

If there is not significant wear or damage, hone it and reuse it.

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