06' 450 header dent

About a month ago I went down in some rocks and dented my header about 2" in front of the exhaust heat shield (mid-bend bewtween the shield and the engine). The dent is not significant enough to cause a major problem, but wondering if anyone had a good way to fix this. I have read of putting water in it and freezing it to push the dent out. Tried this X 2, but no improvement....maybe the header is too hard vs. the old 2 stroke pipes (believe they are now titanium, right?)

Any advice appreciated,


Freezing it is the way to go but sometimes it takes several freezes to fix it. Also, not all dents respond well to freezing. It is all dependant on their location, depth, angle, etc.

...you mentioned the Ti. The Ti headers are fixable. Put a dent in a SS header and it will stay there.

Do a search on "header dent", etc and you will get a wealth of info on freezing. :excuseme: I had a bad dent in the same spot and it took 7 times in the freezer and the dent was gone.

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