Broke my E-Series

I'm not exactly sure how it happened but I think it was from casing a double. The 2" pipe that is welded to the larger 5" canister broke in a complete circle. The clamp that is towards the engine may have vibrated loose making the bolt a pivot area and the impact of the jump may have caused stress on the least that is what i'm telling myself .

anyone experience anything like this?

Has anyone put a spark arrester on their stock pipe (promoto billit)? was it easy to do?

I had the same problem but had about 15mm left on when I noticed it.

Just took muffler to a aluminium welder and he not only fixed it but beefed it up as well, as this is a weak point, cost me $25 AUS

Also had a problem with the internal scread seperating from the flange as they are only tacked on, might pay to check them.

Good Luck

Jaz, what's a scread? thx, i'll call some local welders and see if they can fix it.

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