ok i screwed up bad i think

Well i was on ebay and found a set of tag triple clamps i really liked them paid alot for them.:excuseme: My mistake im not the most smartest of bike people but the clamps are a hair to big for my 04 wr450 :excuseme: .so my questions is this am i screwed out of hundreds or are the shims or something i can use.

thanks for the help :lol:

Are you sure they are too big? How much? If they really are too big, relist them and recover as much of your bank as you can, don't try to shim, that's asking for trouble...

They can fit WR450F 05 and up

04 has smaller diameter forks

Keep the clamps and buy some bigger forks. The 05 has 48mm forks while the 04 and prior had 46mm forks.

Wait... don't do that. Sell the clamps and try to recoup your money.

I did the exact same thing but the opposite, i have a 05 wr and the clamps are too small, they are not tag but are renthal clamps with oversize bar mounts, they are used but in very good condition maybe we could do a trade?

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