Riding Gear

Ok now that it's starting to cool off. What kind of riding gear do you wear?(jacket, overpants, etc.) I need to find some gear that is going to keep me warm while commuting to work. Right now all I have is a Suzuki Joe Rocket fuel jacket. It only keeps my mid section warm now. I need to find a good pair of gloves, overpants & something to keep my neck & head warm. So what is out there? :excuseme:

There's a lot out there. To get an idea of the range I'd do a browse on www.motorcycle-superstore.com.

Also troll around www.aerostitch.com. Lots here for under helmet and neck warmth, gloves etc.

I've had good luck at www.rockymountainatv.com as well.

A lot of the stuff on these sites have user reviews of what they've purchased including sizing comments.


I don't commute, just weekend dual sport stuff. I wear Klim Moab (warm and hot) or Moose Expedition pants (cold and wet) depending on the weather. Both are excellent pants. Thor Ride gloves for cold and wet and any old light motocross glove for warm and hot.

My Gaerne dualsport boots are supposed to be waterproof but aren't quite. On wet rides I wear goretex socks. Sealskinz would be better.

For head and neck warmth I've got a few types of polartec balaclavas you can get at any REI type store. Cablelas too.

Thanks for the tips. I will have to check out the links.

Not sure the name of the name brands. My coat has a removable quilted liner so it is a year around item. I bought a pair of bibs and gloves from Cabelas (I think). The were advertised as snowmobile gear. As for a hood I use a balacava under the helmet. To me the important thing was to get something that would keep the wind from passing thru. After you accomplish this you can always add layers to keep warm. I ride to work in temps. around 20F and stay warm.

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