One industries Hurricane graphics

Anyone know where I can get replacement tank stickers for this kit from? I fitted the whole kit to my YZ426 and love the look :banana: , unfortunately I dyed my gas tank black (it looks great) but the dye seems to be coming out and into the tank stickers :busted: , all of the sticker colours have become very dark :lol: . I contacted One industries, but they have disconnected this graphics kit :excuseme: and do not have any in stock. Hoping someone one might have a set out there, or know where I can get the stickers from. :excuseme:

Cheers Gary

You could either check ebay or have a local graphics guy make a replica.

I'll bet you Steve at would duplicate it for ya. Give him a

call. He is a super nice guy.

Good luck.

it ticks me off the the companies continually "stop producing" graphics for our older but still perfectly good bikes. I had limited choices when redoing my bike - would love to see if anything is even available for it now.....

it's not like they run batches of thousands of these at a time and discontinue them due to lack of demand. I know how graphics are made, and it really doesn't matter if you make 1, 10 or 100, as long as the template and design are readily available in the computer, it's pretty much click and print. It seems that after a certain number of years, the manufacturer just stops making them figuring most of the bikes are done and junked.

When are they going to get it through their heads that not all bikes are red.

Many thanks guys, It did piss me off as I only bought the graphics kit 4 weeks ago and it's already discontinued!!:lol: I have emailed Steve and will see if he can help me. :excuseme:

Many thanks DPW, so far Steve has replied and seems pretty confident he can help me (He's busy with Dodge at the minute), so I will wait and see what he can do before I contact Bryan.

Regards Gary

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