Panoram Bike Computer

Yesterday I installed a Panoram bike computer from Trail Tech. I programed the unit setting the wheel circumference to 2205mm as recommended by Trail Tech. The unit kept showing I was going about 3x as fast and far as I was. I programed bike 1 and 2 the same. I checked it several times w/the same results. I did the install the unit exactly as the directions describe. I am I missing something? Has anyone had the same problem?

2205 is a close ball park figure , measure your roll out and use the formula given with the kit,it will get it right on the dot,plus factory ods are not always correct.

good luck, rob

I used 2160 (Dunlop 756) and it seems right.

Do you have it set to the wrong unit (kph vs. mph)?

This is a post from Goeff from Trail Tech on another board. Sounds like you might have a similar problem.

It sounds like you are getting double triggers. The sensor is active at both ends and dead in the middle. The sensor should point at the axel. This ensures the magnet passes only one end of the sensor. If your sensor is pointing at the ground, it is likely that the magnet is passing both ends of the sensor and double triggering.

The easiest way to correct this problem is to divide the wheel size by two (2205/2=1103). This does not always work as double triggers are difficult to make reliably.

The best way to correct this problem is to mount the sensor so it points at the axel (+/- 15 degrees). This will ensure single triggers.


Every thing is mounted right and looks exactly like the photos in the directions. I spun the wheel slowly when the computer was in the sleep mode. I found a spot on the disk that was far from the magnet that took the computer out of sleep mode. I then rocked the wheel back and forth at that spot passing the sensor. The computer displayed a speed. I assume that the disc is slightly magentized on that spot. I could not get a paper clip to even feel like it was going to stick on that spot though. I also found another spot on the disc by rocking a small area past the sensor back and forth w/the computer displaying a speed. Again w/a paper clip it did not feel magnetized. Is there a way to demagnetize the disc?

I just spoke /Jeff from Trail Tech and he believes that the sensor is bad ( a little too sensitive ) They are sending me a new cable w/sensor. I was very impressed w/the easy install and ergonomics of the unit.

Jeff was very helpful, if the new sensor works this will be one the best after market items I put on my bike.

Yes, the Topeak is a nice unit. Geoff is a helpful guy indeed. Sounds like the sender IS your problem. Let us know how you like...I really like mine


It's the coolest thing I've done to my bike!

I'm just waiting for a little time to install mine can't wait to see how it works.

Well after I got done posting this I decided I had time now. I took my time and it took an hour and a half to install the sensor kit. I'll program it later.

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I got the new sender unit in the mail and this fixed the problem. I am no longer doing 120mph in my driveway. Now that it is not taking triple readings it does take a lot longer to update the speed on the display. Trail Tech was great, they sent a new sender unit out free of charge and included a self addressed, stamped envelope to send the defective one back in. Now if I can keep my eyes on the trail and off the computer when I ride!

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