Clutch problem?

A buddy of mine has a 2000 WR400F and just replaced the clutch plates (just the fibers) at the beginning of the year because of slippage. Well it is doing it again. Should he have replaced both sets of plates?

His valve need adjusted bad. Would this have anything to do with the slippage when he gets on it. I rode it last night and when you give it a lot of gas the engine just revs high and you go no where.

Could this be a tranny problem too?

Please help!

Did he use OEM plates? Did he leave one out? Are the springs sacked out?

I've heard of people using fine emery paper on the metal plates when changing fiber plates to give a nice surface for them to grip on to but I've never had any problems leaving them as is...

Check the simple things first:

1. Oil level and condition. Look for particles suspended.

2. Adjustment to the cable. Did he keep the proper adjustment?

3. Maybe pop the cover visually check the plates.

4. Count the plates. Make sure he has the proper #

Start simple. It is very possible that he has fried the fiber plates again if he is tough on the clutch.

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