Braking oversized front wave rotor not fitting..Problem Solved

Hey guys, like I have posted before I have a braking oversized front wave rotor that came off of a 2001 yz250f. The rotor bolted up perfectly... I also put on the Braking billet aluminum caliper bracket from the bike as well. Now the damn thing wont spin:mad: It's like the rotor is still to large...any ideas on what I should do. Everything went together like peas and carrots until I went to spin the wheel all after I was done...:lol: Please help!!!

*Well I found out the problem...the brake spacer thing that holds the brake pads was in backwards. So it was hitting the backside of where the grove should be. Total idiot move on my part sorry to waiste everyone's time:bonk: :excuseme::banana::excuseme:

So to ask the obvious, if you undo the two bolts mounting the caliper to your spacer and remove the caliper, does the wheel turn freely? Just trying to understand if it is the caliper causing the problem, or the wheel not correctly fitted. Any chance you can post a picture so we can see what you have?

The Braking kit is a quality built product. Loosen the axle lock bolts, then crack the axle nut loose. Does the wheel spin freely? It's possible that you pulled your forks together as you tightened them, and are binding the brakes. i watched a mechanic do that on my streetbike! Luckily someone else checked his work!

Sounds like you need a bracket for the '06.

It's not like a binding, its like when I spin the wheel the "pointier" part of the wave rotor is hitting against something when it goes through the brake pads. MAybe like Gray said, I need the adaptor off of an 06'. And this is with everyhing loosened up...

Sounds like you need a bracket for the '06.

yep I agree:thumbsup:

Anybody know where you can buy just the bracket for an 06'?

Anybody know where you can buy just the bracket for an 06'?

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