Fire advancing towards Rampart

Latest maps show the fire moving directly towards Rampart with an uncontrolled fire line, it does not look good.

I used to live in WP for about 20 years, so I know the area fairly well... I think (emphasis on think) that Rampart is still not quite in the thick of it yet (hard to tell from 9news maps for sure). It's got a small ways to travel still, but I think we still have a shot of Rampart being spared-though I'm sure it will be years until it's reopened again for us-if it ever is...

When the fire ripped through Buffalo Creek many years ago, once the fire was out, they re-opened the mountain bike trails. The trails were fine and ridable until heavy July rains washed many trails out (due to the increased erosion). That's when they had to close many trails in that area.

I'm hoping the trails will be open next year at Rampart and Woodland Park even if the forest is burned around the trails. It's natures way of clearing out all the dead wood (although it was ultimately caused by a wack-o).

Fingers are crossed.


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