Best handling WR?

What year model WR do you think is the best?

:lame: I like my 07 wr450 for trail riding.The 06 and older I think are better for wide open Hi speed.You need to do many mods to make them work right.Of all the different bikes We have (with radiators)The yamaha's have been no problems:ride:

Best handling WR?

07' and newer, hands down. Lower center of gravity makes better in all conditions... agreed, suspension set up is key and will likely need work based on your riding ability and weight.

Just had a friend try my 03' 450 which he thought was much better than his o8' ktm 530 but he hasnt spent much time fine tuning his yet. Mine has had the suspension done with a yz cam and vortex ignition so its hardly standard.

We used to race dirt-track together so we like the high speed sideways stuff.

The 07-08 Wrs sound good though.....................

i think the 05/06 ride the best, my 08 is good but for some reason i can go quicker on my 05. i have the suspension the same (both were re-valved by Factory Connections) maybe i was expecting the 08 to be loads better, and its not. its just more of a pain to work on!

03 and up WR 250's out handle the big bores hands down.

I have an '07. It is the best handling bike - AT SLOW SPEEDS AND TECHNICAL TERRAIN - that I have owned. That being said, it's manners at speed and on the street are not as good as the other bikes I have had.

(CRF450X, DRZ400) The WR is just not as stable, and the TPS sucks.

just got a 04 2trac kitted with ohlins but missing a steering damper, anyone have one they would consider selling?, also looking for a graphics/seat kit (one industries) standard 04 plastics

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