where to buy a swingarm chain guard?

The cheapest i have found is about 27 dollars. infact the oem and aftermarket ones i have seen are both 27 dollars. Is there anywhere cheaper?

thanks guys

UFO makes one for about $12, but the one I had lasted only about half as long as the OEM one did. I think I got it from Dennis Kirk.

I'd like to get that Zip-Ty buffer too but damn thats a lot of money.

There supposed to last forever right?

Hey Yamakaze - How about you look into the new 450's and if it dosent move over then you sell me yours! :)

I agree, go buy the cheaper one.....

Bonzai, I thought we all agreed CamelBack Sux.......why did you add to your signature line.....what happened to the throttle tube grease??? :D:):D

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