OT - Go 49ers !!!!!!! What a great game !

What a great game !!!! I was at the edge of my seat the entire 2nd half. Talk about a closely matched game. That back and forth action is awesome to watch. Remember when Supercross used to be like that? I gave up a day of riding to watch my beloved niners and thought I made a mistake until the 3rd quarter. Man what a game. GO NINERS !!!! My heart is still beating.


P.S. I am making up for missing out by going riding tomorrow! Wooo hooo what a great life.

That game sucked!!! :)

I had cash that the Giants would win. I'm not a giants fan but I bet a guy here at work just to make it a bit more intresting.

Do you think the giants layed down or the niners stepped up to the plate?

Now obviously your a niners fan so I know what you are going to say but going into the 4th, the giants were 3 and out for 3 or 4 series straight.

Their first 6 drives resulted in 6 scores. So how could the Giants lay down like that? Geez! I want my $20 back!

I got ripped... :D

yes what a game. But you can take away anything from the steelers game. What a comeback there. 22 points. That is what i would call a great game also. Onward and upward steelers.

49ers suck. They have the biggest sniveling fans in the NFL anytime the game dont go their way they have an excuse. I live in nor cal and have to listen to this all the time, all the people whom love the 49ers now that their winning where were they when the 49ers truley did suck. But I guess I have to give credit where credit is due ( I think? ) It was a big come back.


I think thats pretty much the case with almost all of the NFL teams. There are a lot of fair weather fans out there.

Look at Atlanta. They draft Vick in 2000 and as soon as hes a starting QB people come out of the woodwork to fill the stadium. All the sudden everyone is a huge "Falcons" fan.

Even me. :) I mean that guy is baaaaaaaad.

Just kidding though, Im really a die hard Chiefs fan since 1990. (the first year I went to a game)

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