Utah Ride!!!

Remind me...Who said it is winter?

One of the best rides I had this past weekend out at Five Mile Pass. Overcast conditions, 45deg F, and great trail conditions. Thought of you MotoMan ;)Just for a moment, then I got over it. :)

Planning on Jericho this next weekend...Anybody? If the weather continues to hold out, I am looking to head south a bit for a day. :D

I can't believe that five-mile was in good condition. I may be up for Jericho if it doesn't snow on Friday/Saturday. The only thing that sometimes sucks at the dunes is that all of the north facing slopes have ice deposits. By the way, how does Scott like his new bike?


I was surprised also at the conditions. There were some areas up on top that got slussy with 2" of snow and water, but down low, off of the mtn it was really good.

Let's watch the weather for this next weekend and if it looks good we should try to get riders together.

P.S. Scott was still smiling Saturday night when I saw him. Now he can not wait to get out. :)

If the weekend is good, we should all head down to the dunes. Scott has my number if you all make plans.


MotoMan? That's MrMoto to you :) I'll head out to Jericho this weekend. Are you thinking about riding inside the park? Or the Cherry Creek trail system? Email your plans to me at esmith@dsidata.net or call my cell 836-5246.

My mistake :D

Lets watch the weather and see what happens, but I am leaning on the go side so far... :)

It looks like Friday and Saturday are going to be COLD and WET. Sunday looks sunny and warmer. Does anybody have Tuesday free? I would brave the cold on Sunday, but I have been to the dunes after a snow storm and the north slopes freeze making them icy and very slippery.


Just checked the updated forecast on Yahoo -- Sunshine along with some passing clouds. High 43F. Winds light and variable. There is a 30% chance of rain/snow on Friday?? Hopefully this turns into nothing. This weather's killin' me. Saturday might be good.

Hate to say it, but too close to call :)

Hopefully it changes to the good, fingers crossed. :D

Utah sounds really cool. We ride some great places out this way. The weather is definetly a factor at our altitude. One of the coldest rides I remember is a road trip on the Harley from Salt Lake to Rock Springs, Wy on I-80.

One day suuny, the next snow and cold. Those warm, sunny winter days are great for tearing up the desert (no offense to the greenies).

Here's a pic of where I like to ride. :)



Yeah, it's pretty nice here for riding. I just got back from Chicago and realized how good we have it out this way. I've never been to Idaho, but was born in Wyoming and spent a lot of time up that way. I hope to get up there sometime.

BTW, that WR you have for sale looks like a great deal. Too bad I'm not needing one right now. If you decide to sell the antigravity system separately, let me know. :) I could sure use one of those. LOL

Pretty close call here... Delta is currently 48 degrees and cloudy. Still a 30% chance of rain overnight and in the early AM on Saturday... weatherman says it should clear up by mid-day. If it doesn't snow much the sand should be slightly wet with great traction. If you're still willing, give me a call in the morning.

Sorry Guys,

Not this weekend, :) got commitments, then I'll be in Boise and Ronan Mt all next week.

Lets see what happens for the next weekend...

Anyone can call me if ya want someone to ride with. 556-8082 call any time. I need three or at least 2 days notice to get work off, but I usually have sundays off. Thanks


My wife and I went to Jericho (Little Sahara) today. What a blast!!! Perfect weather, clear skies, packed sand and not hardly a soul around. I shot some video. I'll post it when I get it edited.


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