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Hayman fire volunteers needed

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I received this email from work. I hope to make the time to volunteer in the near future. I'm passing it along so others can consider:


I wanted to pass on volunteer information to everyone that I know that has

hiked, camped, biked, etc. in the areas that have been affected by the

Hayman fire. They are needing volunteers at both command posts, in Lake

George and Castle Rock. They are expecting to have around 1800

firefighters to feed this weekend, and need help with meals, taking care

of evacuated animals, answering phones, and probably a lot of other things.

I'm sure everyone has been seeing the requests for donations on the news,

but the are in need of bottled water, Gatorade, lip balm, eye drops, sun

block, powerbars, and heavy gloves. We have volunteers coming in from all

over the country to help with a fire in our state, so those of us that

live here, especially those of us that have used these forests, parks, trails,

etc.should try and do what we can to help as well. Even if it's only for

an afternoon or evening. My daughter worked yesterday in Castle Rock and

said they were needing more help with phones and serving meals especially.

She also said they were having a hard time getting people that would take

the late night and early morning shifts. Most of the shifts are only 3 or

4 hours.

OK... here is the info:

There is a Volunteer Center in Littleton, on the corner of Colorado Blvd

and Arapahoe that takes short applications and assigns people to areas.

Their number is 303-779-9662. They are also a donation center for

dropping off needed items.

The number to the Salvation Army in Castle Rock for volunteering there

is 303-866-9280. They can set you up in either Castle Rock of Sedalia.

The number to the Salvation Army in Colorado Springs for volunteering

there or probably in the Lake George area is 719-636-3891.

If you could forward this to others you know that might be able to

volunteer, especially those that hike, bike, and camp, that would be




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You guys need to get that woman that started this thing out of jail, give here a shovel and a hose, and put her on the front line. I hope this goes out asap. Good luck.

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I think the judge put the bail high for just that reason........he was disturbed by the wild eyed now homeless people, from the area, debating on the subject of, "Do you put the apple in the rangers mouth before or after you cook her?" Too many people on the edge to let her out. She is safer in jail in my opinion. The real subject that will arise is the "Where can she get a fair trial?" question.


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