Breakin oil

I am getting my first 4stroke dirt bike. I would like to break it in right. I have talked to alot of people on

that subject but have a couple of questions.

1)Most people say don't switch to syn.oil till the bike is broken in. Any reason ?

2)How many hours should I put on the motor before switching?

3)Should I switch to stainless steel oil filter instead

the stock paper?

Wr450 on the way (I hope)

1st do a search in the CRF section for Motoman break in. It'll teach you a lot. You don't want to break in a motor w/ syn cause it's to slick and the rings can't seat properly (see motoman). I would say after 4-6 rides, thats for my CRF, so 2-3 if it's a long ride. Change your oil after the first 20 miles!!! Get the metal shaving out of there. I thought WR came w/ ss filters? Mine did? Did they change in 03? Anyway, Yes if you don't have one stock get one. I'm getting one for my CRF a.s.a.p. from Scott for about $70.

Break-in with a good quality Motorcycle specific petroleum oil. Run for 1 tank full. Then change oil and filters going to a motorcycle specific synthetic. The engine will be broken in in about 1 tank full. Check valves too.



This article is good news for me cause I couldn't resist the urge to crack the throttle and GO! before this weekend i had about 50 miles on the bike and decided to see what it would do wide open 5th gear and WOW this is great! The bike runs awsome.

A buddy builds really expensive circle track motors. He fires them up and runs them pretty hard. In a 1/2 hour they are broken in, the rings seated and he checks the horsepower.

He also assembles the pistons and rings dry. He says the rings seat right away. If you lube them it takes much longer. I assemble all my motors with dry cylinders now.

I run my bikes with the factory oil for about 10 minutes pretty easy. I then change the oil and filter and ride it. I use good quality motorcycle oil and change it alot.

your a very wise man beezer! :)

Takes the link!!! I followed it to a "T".


I was about to go with his recommendations whichs is similar to how I break mine in. BUT he blew it when he said use 10W40 car oil . HOW WRONG CAN HE GET ??????. 10w40 is high in friction modifiers. There goes the reason for using a petroleum based oil on break in . Friction modifiers are HORRIBLE for a wet clutch and are slipperier than synthetics. I would use a premium petroleum based Motorcycle specific oil on break-in OR since you will probably be changing oil in 50 miles go with Chevron DELO or SHELL Rotella. These are Diesel oils and do not have friction modifiers. So your engine can break in without the clutch going south. I usually run it easy for first 10 minutes or so then progressively run it harder. Most of the time I break mine in at an enduro. I will run petroleum oil on Saturday on the practice course put maybe 10 miles or so on it. Then change to a semi synthetic race oil. I won't hold back much but I will not stay in the throttle long at least till the gas check. Then "Katie bar the door" I am going to turn her loose. Change oil and filter again after the enduro. Then going to my 100% synthetic motorcycle specific race oil. ( I use Maxima Extra 15w50 or Ultra 5W50, depending on season. )



5w30 has friction modifiers, the 10w40 I've seen does not, I use castrol 10w40 it has no friction modifier, I can't remember seeing any 10w40's with friction modifiers. Mike

Sorry , Mike but they do. Check with Castol and see. Unless you are running Castrols Motorcycle Specific oil. They don't have to have it on the label for it to be in the formulation.



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