no matter what i try, i get a bog on quick wot

Rocky Mt. has a float bowl cover that has the same effect as the Boysen at half the price..... Great little add on part that actually works...

i havent touched any of my settings, but when it got hot after a 1hr ride, it started getting the bog back a bit down low....any ideas on which way i should shoot with the adjustments?

I had the same symptoms (different bike) and followed much of the same steps as you and got it to the point where it only happened sporadically when hot. A $99 R&D power pump with adjustable leak jet COMPLETELY cured the problem. I only wish I had bought one earlier.

Keep at the AP timing screw. Try another 1/2 turn.

thanks, I realize that i dont have a leak jet, so i was thinking that that $99 R&D power pump with adjustable leak jet or a stock newer carb would be a good idea for me......which one is better?

You need to slow down, understand the concepts.

The needle is for general steady running.

The AP is for acceleration.

Get the needle where it should be. During this process, ignore any bog at slow engine speed.

Once you know the needle is right for steady state performance, then and only then, adjust the AP.

You have done the BK mod, have a 1 second squirt. Good.

Have you checked the timing of the squirt? Does it just barely miss the slide? This is key to no bog.

Carb add-ons like the adjustable leak jet are good to make some adjustments easier. They are not nor should they be used to resolve a poor adjustment or setup. Being your carb does not use a leak jet, there is nothing at all to be gained by adding one.

Newer versions of this carb do have leak jets so I can only imagine that they added one because they realized there was a slight problem. I bought a stock style bowl from JD and then I put in the smallest LJ avaliable. I do still have a slight bog when the engine is cold but when it's warm the bog is gone.

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