RE: Metal Filings on Drain Plugs

Hey guys, I bought a set of Ziptye magnetic oil drain plugs and put them in on my last oil change about 300km ago. I changed the oil again tonight and noticed there was quite a bit of metal on them, is this normal? Anyone else running magnetic drain plugs? I know it's normal to get a bit on them in any engine, but there was quite a bit on each very fine and very dark in color.

Yeah it's normal max, I've run a mag plug for ages and sometimes see slithers of metal.

The first time I removed the plug I shit myself, I guess it had picked up th residual slithers that had not been removed previously and it looked bad...but never had any gearbox problems.

I think the dark stuff is residue from the clutch friction plates as they wear over time and and accumulate in the sump with the slithers.

yeah, im hoping the next oil change won't be so much, but i guess im glad i have them, better to have them on my drain plugs and cleaned out every couple of weeks then floating around in my engine.

Did yours look like this? if so your fine...its clutch fibers


That's exactly what it looked like :lame:

That's exactly what it looked like :bonk:

i figured as much...the first time i changed my oil after the install i was like :lame: but anyways yes thats normal.

the way i see it is, its better on the magnet then cycling through my motor. heck my last wr went over 10k miles never needed a valve adjust or anything...

It is normal, mine looks like that too. Never had any engine issues and burns zero oil.

Great post Mountain Max. I too was a little upset that I saw what I saw. I have a magnet and have had for a long time. Thanks for the consensus from all you fellow WR riders. Jason

it reminds me of vehicles rear differentials, most of them have magnets in them and they are always full of this silty material and usually no problems there either.

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