Ty Davis banned from Best in the Desert series..

This weekend was the opening round of the "Silver State Series" for "Best in the Desert" held in Parker AZ (USA), The "Parker 250". I'm unclear about the details on what happened but at the awards ceremony after the race an emotional Director "Casey Folks" told hundreds of racers and spectators that "Ty Davis" and "Russell Pearson" are permantly banned from the club forever!! Folks claimed that he worked seven months to get permission for the rights for the race to have someone ruin it for everyone (Davis).

This news is a shocker.. My guess is that Davis might have gotten off course somewhere, but words must have also been exchanged because Casey Folks was almost in tears as he told us the news. I can't imagine what had happened. If anyone knows post it here, I would love to know.

The biggest thing that sucks is that Yamaha has no one to represent them in the series, it's all Honda,KTM and Kawasaki. I guess they feel that they don't generate many sales of their product in the desert. I had a good time however, the WR ran perfect giving me a 2nd place in the Expert Ironman class, while Abbott/Esposito won the event by over 10 minutes on their KX500.


Wow that is a shocker. Just checked some of the motorcycle news sites on the web and nothing threre. Keep us informed if ya hear something else. Congrats on your finish!!!

No kidding. Hate to hear that.

Wonder what he could have done that was bad enough to get banned?

Is going off course enough????

Yeah, that's a big shocker for sure. Although it's pretty bad, sounds like Yamaha needs someone to step into that role... hmmm... who do we know that's a desert racer, hmmm...

I'm thinking this is your golden opportunity Dan-get in there, represent us!!! :)

I'm glad to see I wasn't the only one shocked. I was there also. My Partner Jason and myself Ben were in total shock! The only thing we could figure out was they cut the course,but on the other hand they blew up there bike at the 38 mile mark, and they were told not to go out and get the bike,and I think they did. I'm positive though.

We did well also we took first in 4- stroke Expert, and 14th overall. Plus fist overall expert. The YZ 450F rocks!

I will bet my bottom dollor Yamaha is pretty bent and forcing its weight right now. They will be back in no worries.

Yamaha has a bunch of Moola stashed into this and most likly will pull rank..

Just wait

For those of you who know Casey Folks, the Best in the Desert owner and promoter extraordinaire, I am sure you'll agree that he shoots straight and doesn't say things he doesn't mean. He's serious about following the rules and would never tolerate one or two guys jeopordizing his ability to continue getting the permits to run these events. He was quite clear when he said that the actions of a couple guys have put the rest of us at risk. It just so happens that Davis and Pearson were those two guys.

My money says that Davis & Pearson are history as far as BITD is concerned. I agree that Yamaha is bent, but I believe their frustration is with the the guys who were representing the factory and riding the blue bikes while breaking the rules. Let's be honest about this: The Yamaha riders let their employers down and they let all of us who ride blue bikes down as well. It pains me to say this because I have a WR250F with a Ty Davis tank, Ty Davis remote hot start and several other Ty Davis add-ons and I have always regarded him as a hero.

Yamaha's effort in the BITD series has been lackluster at best. While my dad, my brother (an Ironman god) and I all ride WRs, wear our Yamaha gear and root for Team Yamaha, we have to be honest and admit that the desert is currently dominated by Green, Red and Orange. Sorry. If you don't agree, I'd extend a cordial invitation to you to attend any BITD or SCORE event and simply look around. Yamaha isn't in any position to pressure Casey. What are they going to do, boycott his events?

When Casey says that Davis and Pearson are gone, I believe him. It's Casey's show, it's Casey's house.

Slorenze it sounds like you attended the race. Did you hear why they were banned??

Yes, I was at the race but I don't know why they were banned. I was there pitting for my brother, Dan Lorenze who started this thread.

It was my job to give him fresh goggles and hand him pieces of a PowerBar after each 75 mile lap. I like to think that his 2nd place finish was due in large part to me.

The funniest part of the day was when he came in for his second pit stop (he had been riding 150 miles so far) I asked him how he was doing and he said, "You wanna go riding tomorrow?" I laughed and sent him on is way. I told my dad and wife that, "Dan must be feeling pretty good because he's still cracking jokes after 150 miles."

After racing 250 miles, we drove 5 hours to my house where he spent the night. He asked me to set the alarm for 5:30am so he could go riding with his friends.

I got up at about 7:00, went into his room and he was gone. He had gone riding. I assume he wore his dirty gear and he hadn't even unloaded the bike from the previous day's race. He hadn't even taken a shower (sorry, Dan).

Bottom line, he is the Ironman.

My girl friend is my pit person, I call her a pit tootsie, and I have to pay dearly for her help :). Hope your brother at least gives ya used parts and stuff.

Slorenze, I have the second pit on video, it doesn't look like you took too much time to me. If I could figure out how to get the video from my camera to my computer I'd post it. Great run Dan, I'll come over and say hi to you guys in Laughlin.

If I might ask a questionabout this type of racing. After a long event like this, is your bike thrashed? How does it hold up to 250 miles of offroad riding?? Thanks!

Does anyone have an update on Mr. Davis? The usual news sites have no info.

Bump Bump.....Come on guys someboby must know something. Is this a hoax? Did Casey change his mind? Has Ty managed to keep it from the media?

I mean this would be like kicking Paul Tracy out of CART.

Sup? :)

I will know tomorrow but from what I've heard it has something to do with Russell breaking down and Ty going out on the course to pull him out, which is a big no no in BITD. I'm pretty sure that I saw the poor little 450 broken down on one lap and two hours later it was gone like someone came and got it...

Regardless of what happened I'm not too sure that it was in Casey's best interest to broadcast this information to the entire group at the race. I really don't see what that accomplished. Pretty crazy stuff..........

Hey Dan, Let me know when you had out to play ride again! I'll tag along behind you! You know how to contact me-Culver L&G


i know why he announced it at the race.

he did it knowing that in all likely hood yamaha will get the decision overturned on a tchnicality. this is a lot easier the less people that know.

now he has spilled the beans

a) the story's out and they look really bad.

:) people like honda and suzuki won't help to stuff the genie back in the bottle.

how about extra support from honda for next season if this costs him extra money.

amazing how the system works.


"yamaha will get the decision overturned on a tchnicality"

Once again, there is no governing body that can overturn a decision rendered on behalf of the Best in the Desert by Casey Folks. This is not an AMA-sanctioned organization nor is it within the jurisdiction of the FIM. The only person that can permit Davis and Pearson to ride with BITD at any time in the future is Casey Folks. That's it. The buck stops there. He has no boss.

Also, does anyone know for sure if Davis is really an official factory Yamaha rider or is he a Montclaire Yamaha rider who receives deals on bikes and the use of a box van?

I understand those of you that feel that it may not have been appropriate for Casey to announce to the other riders that Davis and Pearson were out, but one must take into consideration why he did this. He's in a public position of leadership. There are legions of people in the world who find it way too easy to criticize others when they really don't have all the facts. Do any of us really know all the details?

The reality of the situation is that people are eventually going to figure out that Davis and Pearson are not racing BITD events any longer. Naturally, they will ask questions. It's too big a gamble to allow Davis and Pearson to have the first shot at making a public statement and putting Casey on the defense.

I would have done much the same thing as Folks. A strong offense is much better in this situation. He can't afford to have two angry riders framing the dispute for the riding public.

We live in a society that has come to expect that exceptions will be made for special people. Some even expect that they should be allowed to break rules with impunity and if they beg, any punishments rendered will be rescinded.

I believe there is more to being a professional motorcycle racer than going really fast. If you ride for Team USA in the ISDE, you represent an entire nation and should behave appropriately. If you accept a paycheck from a motorcycle manufacturer or other sponsor, you should behave in a manner consistent with their corporate expectations.

I would be very surprised if Yamaha even comments on the issue.

While I can't report it as fact, this post was on the Destry Abbott website's message board:

"One of Caseys firm rules is that "no riders" or pit crews are allowed to go backwards on the course to get to thier rider. This rule has been in place since the beginning of the BITD series and is there to protect the other racers. It's my understanding that when Ty found out that Russ had broke down, he jumped in a vehicle and headed onto the course to retrieve him. In the process, there were many racers that complained they almost hit his vehicle. As you can see, if you have a racer going 80-100 miles and another vehicle heading in the opposite direction on the same course, well I just don't like to even think about the consequences"

If this is true it is quite serious. A guy driving a vehicle (Yamaha Boxvan?) backwards on a fast course into oncoming racers? Wow.

Have we already forgotten Danny Hamel?

I understand those of you that feel that it may not have been appropriate for Casey to announce to the other riders that Davis and Pearson were out...

Umm, that was your brother...


I could care less about right or wrong. I admire Ty Davis, but you have to admire Folks for putting on such a popular series. After all, without races like BITD there wouldn't be anything to admire about guys like Abbott and Davis.

If he really drove his boxvan backwards on the course that was pretty stupid, whether it was intentional or not. If I did that in one of my (modest) club races I don't think they'd ban me. But I wouldn't argue if they did because I know better. I helped load a good friend into a helicopter after a head-on w/ another rider (but not during a race) and he nearly died and is permanently handicapped, so I am aware of the danger.

As a fan of the BITD I just hope that something can be worked out and he can continue to race the series. As a fan of Ty Davis I don't understand why he would do something that, well, stupid, but like you said, without all the facts it is silly to speculate on exactly what happened and make any judgements as a result of that.

But thanks for the post. I've been waiting for whatever information you guys would come up with.

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