Ty Davis banned from Best in the Desert series..

Riding 25 yards off course no tbackwards

Now that is the first I heard that.

I and I agree that that would have put the entire series and jeperdize future events becouse of the Eco-tarrorists reply to that. Yes I agree that a ban but not for life.

I am not double taking on this I was going by what I read here. I did not see anything about going 25 yards off the main trail.

25 yards may not seem allot, but with all the restrictions eco-enviro nuts and orgs watching its the life of a sport...

I'm only vaguely familiar with the organization and the races they put on. I do know that they are big events in this area. Living in Arizona, though I am a bit familiar with the land use issues and politics involving the Forest Service, BLM, State Land Department and various local Communities. We in Arizona do enjoy fairly liberal OHV management practices and a pretty fair spread of wide open, undeveloped land.

What I have noticed around here is that the general public enjoys a great deal of freedom and not much land use enforcement (unless it involves conflict areas such as in an urban interface zone). But, when the agencies have to be involved for formal events (which require permits) things are a little different. And some previous history has developed a bit of "bad blood" for some racing venues.

I do also know that another (perhaps less high profile) racing organization ran the Parker venue until this year. From what I heard their failure to secure that venue for their schedule this season had something to do with land use problems and/or the political atmosphere in the Parker community. I have a feeling that this is indeed at the core of the situation and more is at stake then just making sure that all racers follow the promoter's rules.


Occaisionally a hero needs to fall from the pedistal to keep the others grounded... I really hate that it had to be my hero....But alas they are all human.

Amen brother! Yamakaze is that an original quote? It's a great one for sure. Can I use it?

I'm not digging on Ty; just commenting on that statment as a whole. Too many heros seem to be above the law, or at least think they are. What is worse is they get treated as such too. I'm not just talking motorcycles here. Sports, TV and movie stars, you name it. Joe rock star busts up a hotel room and walks. If we do it we spend then night in the slammer. Joe baseball or football player gets caught with drugs and it's no big deal. I'm sure you have many more examples of your own.

Back to the ban on Davis and Pearson. If they did something as stupid as riding the course backwards I can see a serious penalty. That puts his life and others in danger. If it was something like getting to Pearson by an unauthorized route; I can see that too. I bet there are econazis just waiting to record and report infractions to the authorities to get BITD removed from the desert. That hurts us all.

I hate see Ty get banned too. He really is a good guy and I consider him one of my heros. However, if he had a lapse of judgement and intentionally broke the rules he needs to accept his punishment (however, I think he will try to negotiate the final punishment). The person I feel for is Pearson. That's if he was truely an innocent bystander.

I was reading a book today and found this under the professionalism section and thought of this thread.

"The acceptance of social responsibility is one criterion of professional status"

Ty Davis got a worse punishment than O.J. Simpson.

Or Daryle Strawberry

Guys, I am sorry to be asking this question, but what is supposed to happen to someone that breaks down? Just guessing, but it sounds as if you leave them where they sit until the race is over??? Then is it ok to pick them up???

In the races I've been in, if you break and are not hurt you just wait out the race. Usually there are course sweepers who will give you a hand if necessary and haul your bike in after the event is done. I've known guys who were out for half a day or more. I wonder what you do if the race is over 5 hours or so long though and not a loop?

Yes, if you break down you wait until the race is over. These are not trail rides, or Eastern enduro races, they are 100mph desert races. The speed average for the winner was close to 60 mph. The rules are there to protect everyone, including the promoter (Casey). It is wrong to judge either Caser or Ty and Russ at this point. The truth will come out, and unfortunatlly Casey has stand by his word, banned for life.

OK I give up.....five days and forty six posts later we still have no idea what exactly happened or where it goes from here. Zero Zip Nada!!

Have aliens captured Ty or Casey? Is the CIA now involved?

Nobody's talkin. This is better than Watergate. :)

I posted what happened. Got info from a reliable source. This guy won some race. Longer than 999 miles long, south of the border. He wasn't on a Yamaha.

I did not have the guts to ask Ty what happened today at the WORCS race, but will say this...The guy is sooo fast it is scary. What a blast to watch on the MX sections. Maybe I'll ask him after the race tomorrow.

Hey EGO, BITD happens to be one of the highest paying off road organizations around. All you have to do is pick up a dirt rider mag and it will tell you all about it. Or if you have acces to the internet log on to www.BITD.com and they will bring you up to date on off road racing.

02 426





Uh OK :)

I have never seen a BITD race. I HAVE seen Ty Davis ride. I will always be willing to pay money to watch Ty race. BITD without Ty? Not likely.

Speaking as a hugely Ty-biased fan, and there are many of us, I would sooner pay money to watch Ty ride in a parking lot than to watch a BITD that had banned the Best!

This promoter cut his own throat. He should be ashamed of publicly announcing such a ban (and naming names) while lacking the guts or the courtesy for his race's participants and fans to tell the WHOLE story. He didn't even tell his side (or cite the infraction so that others might learn); just his arbitrary punishment. Something stinks.

How seriously can a fan take a race like that without Ty Davis? It would be a real sham. Like paying big bucks to travel to and attend a Supercross without Carmichael or Larocco or...

Just my 2 cents. Or $50. Whichever is closer.

Chaindrive well said brother! I would also pay to watch Ty in action. Thats whats awsome about racing the Hare and Hond, wathcing him race, and just talking with him. Every race that i raced Ty would go out of his way to talk with people about his bike or your bike or anything. I feel that Casey F would probley regret his decision that he made.

This promoter cut his own throat. He should be ashamed of publicly announcing such a ban (and naming names) while lacking the guts or the courtesy for his race's participants and fans to tell the WHOLE story.

I really wish you guys wouldn't rush to judgement! I consider Casey to be one of my friends. Casey is a guy that fights for land rights, deals with the BLM on a daily basis and is probably one of the most patriotic person that I've ever met in my life. To speak out like that breaks my heart, because none of us really know what happened out there. Why judge someone when you don't even know them. I'm am one who thinks that Casey could've had better timimg with his remarks but maybe he had good reason. But for you to say he should be ashamed just kills me...

Sorry you were not there and don't know the whole story...

Dan, not knowing the story 100%, but knowing life, people do not ususally respond with this hardline attitude on and first offense of any type. I wonder if there might be a rule violating pattern?

I wonder if there might be a rule violating pattern?

Roland, maybe... I would guess it's more that people think. Not just a little mishap. I'll be at the Laughlin race this weekend, I'll find out from my friends at Honda.

Dan there is no doubt that Casey has done a lot for the sport of off roading but he dropped the ball on this one. To announce a ban publicly and still 2 weeks later to not have given a formal announcement as to the facts is poor way of handling things. Maybe things have been corrected, in which case a statement should also be issued. I don't understand his motivations, as many don't, in which case a statement should be issued. I think what I'm saying is a statement should be issued. We are all waiting on his view of the events.

After racing BITD for 3 years and getting to know Casey, I'll bet he feels he doesn't need to explain himself. Yes, we'd like to know but oh well. Casey is very serious about rules. He has DQ'd his own son. His heart/head is in the right place. He's looking out for our future ability to use the desert.

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