Ty Davis banned from Best in the Desert series..

I think you are right gtms34. Casey is likely dealing with much more than we know on this one.

But I agree with Dan Lorenze as well. We just have to sit tight and see if somebody puts it all out there. And even then, we still have to put ourselves in their shoes before we criticize either Ty Davis or Casey Folks.

In the meantime, we are having a data-free discussion. It's all merely speculation.


It seems to have motivated Ty as he had little trouble winning the WORCS race this past weekend.

If Casey wasn't gonna tell the whole story he shouldn't have started it at the post race riders meeting. I have not raced a BITD race, always heard good things about them, but with the actions and info taken I would be a little less inclined to ride one now. If he feels he needed to ban Ty and announce it at the riders meeting then thats fine but we as racing fans, and Ty fans deserve more information. You will not see these kind of behavior in NFL, NBA, NASCAR, or any other large org. sport. When someone is banned or suspended or fined we are made aware of the facts, at least enough to know whats going on.

Ditto. What use other than speculation and humiliation is there in announcing punishment without citing cause? Who learned anything from THAT? He may very well have been justified, but who knows? A "great Patriot" would be aware of our premise of "Innocent until proven guilty." Even if just in our own minds.

This does not detract from the good things the promoter has done; but it certainly doesn't add to the list. This is a simple matter of fairness and respect. The man was willing to humiliate people in front of their peers and fans without giving justification. I have no respect for that. If Dan has related the incident accurately, that is.

If the facts remain confidential, so should the punishment and people involved. As Dan pointed out, I wasn't there. But he was. Why didn't he and the rest of the "audience" DEMAND an explanation? I guarantee I would have. If for no other reason than to ensure I did not commit the same infraction.

Something STILL stinks!


I don't feel I have "rushed to any judgement". I did not base my comments on any of the speculation. I based it on what you stated as ear-witness fact at the public flogging (what you claim to have actually been stated and revealed).

That is insufficient to judge WHY he did it (publicly humiliated respected people), but quite sufficient to judge WHAT he (the promoter) did. The man handled it poorly and with great disrespect for the people punished and for the other racers and fans.

If it had happened TO you, would you want it handled like that? In reality, it DID happen to everyone he made a party to it, and he went out of his way to make everyone in attendance a party to the punishment. The humiliation could easily outweigh the actual ban. That is not worthy of respect.

I have it from an inside source that the ban is for 1 year, not permanent.

There are extenuating circumstances that I can't (was asked to keep it quiet)

go into, but the incident happened just a slorenze (?) reported.

And, BTW, does anyone else remember an incident during the Idaho National in which

Mr Davis was accused of cutting the course? Happened about 3 years ago.


Hey Dan, did you find out any more in Laughlin? How was your race?

Court, It looks like the scuffle was all about Ty going out on the course to get his partner after strict instruction from Casey not to do so. The ban is for a year but my sources have told me that they didn't even plan on doing the whole series anyway.

My race in Laughlin was great. I feel it's the best that I've ever ridden in my life. The course was really tight. I never got past 3rd gear all day. Out of 30 Ironmen that raced I got an 8th place, I feel good about it cuz their were pro's mixed in the bunch including an ISDE metalist in my class. The Yamaha was flawless..

Thanks for asking!!! Take care, Dan

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