Ideal bar width on 426 for Woods Riding

Hello, thought i'd make my first post a question. Several years ago I raced NCHSA hare scrambles and a few GNCC races on a KDX200 in 200B class.

I have since then quit racing but now that I have kids that ride I picked up a 2002 426 a while back. I'm in the process of swapping it over to more of a woods bike. I've dropped a tooth on the countershaft sprocket (hoping to be able to lugg it around more), ordered some bark busters, swapped out the stiff springs for some stockers, and some little things. I'm even thinking about a flywheel weight if it still wants to take off like a rocket.

My question is regarding bar width. I used to cut all my woods race bikes bars down to 29.5" but that was on a kdx. I'm thinking the 426 (with out a steering stabilizer) that might be a little too narrow. What do you guys think? and yes, I like single track trails and "trying" to do them at break neck least I feel like i'm going that fast.

What measurements are you guys using?

Also, any tips on the 426 would be great.


I run mine at their out of the box 800mm width, but I'm not a woods rider. Trees change things for many people. Let's see what others say.

yea, i like the full size bar width for track riding, but this will be my woods bike. those trees don't budge when you hit them.

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