Tire Size

What size rear tire are you all running? my bike came with a 110 stock, thats what I have always ran. All of my KTM buddies are runnng 130's (width) from what I can tell I have enough clearance to go bigger. What do you guys think?

Depends on what tire brand your buddies are running. I have Michelin S-12 on my bike, 130/80-18 and its not any wider than the stock tire that came on the bike, that was a 110/100-18. Michelins are measured differently than other brands so the #'s aren't always the same sizing

A 120 fits fine...thats what I have.

Looks like there'd be room for a 130 too.

120/100/18 here. Dunlop 739 AT. Pretty much run flat technology. Fill that extra hole in your rim with another rim lock also.

I too am running a larger 120/100-18 as i wanted my bike to sit a little taller, and the extra width, imho is great for traction


+1 for the 120/100/18. Here is the Maxxis IT on my 2006 WR450.


Thanks for the info. It seems like the Maxxis IT holds up well. I have heard alot of good about the IRC M5B i am just curious on how it will hold up in a variety of different terrains. I ride anything from soft loam, to nasty mud with rocks.

Get the Washougal Sticky :lame:

Front and rear hands down the best tire I've ridden :bonk:

I've ridden IRC's M5B, great in the soft, sucks in the rocks. Maxxis IT is pretty long lasting and decent traction but not great.

120/100-18 in the rear

90/100-21 up front

I would say we're riding pretty similar conditions to you here in BC.

Meaning a bit of everything, don't forget the wet roots :lol:

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